It was shut down just hours before the Persian Gulf ... God knows how many people are getting caught and they don't know, one of them is dead.

It was shut down just hours before the Persian Gulf … God knows how many people are getting caught and they don’t know, one of them is dead.

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:((( this seems to be answer why we don’t have those kind of movies from world

:red_circle::microbe: From tomorrow, people with suspected corona will be excluded from Qom tomorrow

Qom University of Medical Sciences official:

Starting tomorrow, colleagues at the University of Medical Sciences will be monitoring people at the outlet of the city with an anemometer.

خ If a person has symptoms of coronary artery disease, he will be prevented and quarantined.

The goal is to reduce the prevalence of coronary heart disease because the prevalence of coronary artery disease is serious and widespread, and it is difficult for people to recover.

People have not taken it seriously yet, as is usual in the streets, and even gather in some areas.


:red_circle::film_projector: حمله ملخ‌ها به خوزستان

:red_circle::film_projector: Locusts attack Khuzestan

Brazil PSA

:red_circle:سازمان بهداشت جهانی خطاب به کل مردم جهان: بلند شوید و اماده باشید خطر انتشار کرونا ویروس زیاد است

بهداشت World Health Organization Addresses to the People of the World: Get Up and Ready for Coronavirus Risk

This world is sinister… People wishing the disease up on me because I am highly prepared wtf!?

:red_circle: فقط تو چند ساعت ۵ فوتی بابت کرونا اونم از یه بیمارستان

:red_circle: Only for a few hours ۵ A coroner’s death from a hospital

Bremen bestätigt ersten Coronavirus-Fall - buten un binnen

First case in my city Bremen

And some suspected cases

Just fyi for brand new prepper people filling pantries, there are whole companies devoted to prepper shelf food. Do a search on Amazon for “dry butter powder” and you can find the companies which have dry cheese, dry milk, dry eggs, etc, to round out your pantry (unless you are Vegan!)…

Its a woman, she came back from a trip to iran🤯

I’m going to start buying a ton of stocks

In tranches

Wait what? Who ?

I was walking out of my first job wearing a mask and they were like you are overly cautious you will get it first…

Brooklyn Costco earlier today apparently

Its funny because i did someone’s taxes from brooklyn today.

Talking to NY1 with @threeletteragent

First coronavirus death in the U.S. happens in Washington state
The person who died was a man in his 50s who had underlying health conditions.

Can someone confirm this?

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Just cough and splutter and say it’s for their protection not yours… See people back up asap :joy:

Its the news telling people that you should only wear masks if you are sick. Crazy!