it was not just rocket packs...

it was not just rocket packs…

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yup, Air Land and Sea

The Sky Is Not The Limit :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s 2020, of course there’s people in jetpacks. Duh! :joy:

as far as We remember, in 2019 there were 4420 plane crashes

(these numbers, We counted 2 days ago)

But now there are only 4103 left
Most likely, there were more than 4400, because there were 44 pages, on 100 cases each
And now only 41 pages are left

What the fuck is going on

Is there an archive of the website?

what is the link of the 4000 crashes

Not a link it’s a database

Aries is looking for source - we’re discussing in

Our database ?

Not American

I look on my side

You don’t need to look

It’s a database that’s not American

One thing I will say though

A lot of things are being scrubbed from the internet. They live on forever in the Dark Web.

Word of the day

Himmelstürmer (Sky-strormer).


Himmelstürmer (Sky-strormer) = Raketentruppler (Rocket Troopers)

We’re the same programs.

We will go over it maybe tonight

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