It turns out, the beard infographic isn’t related to coronavirus at all and was created for a 2017 CDC post about No Shave November.

It turns out, the beard infographic isn’t related to coronavirus at all and was created for a 2017 CDC post about No Shave November.

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I just shaved too… But for my opinion hair can trap bacteria and viruses easier and also not give a good seal for masks. Also the CDC from past information in this group is corrupt.

Setting up a batch from Iran

Stand by

Also if you have friends that speak Farsi

Invite them in

Please add the furthest friend you have

Your neighbors are fine too

But as a Hive Mind based upon Metcalfe’s law we are stronger by covering all points of the globe

ک Corona Crisis ؛ Loss ۵ Trillion dollars in stock markets

Reuters news agency reported Friday that US, European and Asian stock exchanges have witnessed significant declines this week and total corporate stocks have fallen by $ 3 trillion.

Such a drop in corporate value has been unprecedented since the global economic crisis of the year.

Reuters reports that the death toll from coronavirus in China has jumped to five, and now the coronavirus has spread to nine countries: at least 3 people have been infected with coronavirus outside of China, and five have died.

Fears of widespread outbreaks in various countries have affected the global economy and many investors have withdrawn their funds from the stock market for fear of worsening the situation.

:red_circle: Status of Mashhad and Tabriz Airports
Entrance to Hasheminejad International Airport, Mashhad.
Inside Tabriz Airport and Airport
There are no passenger controls in relation to the Corona.

:red_circle: Completion of capacity ق Qom hospital of coronary patients

Qom Governor Announces Completion of Qom Hospitals’ Capacity and Qualification for Patients Hospitalization in Qom

:red_circle: Is this video true?
Dubbed as a Coronary Disease in Langrove!

:red_circle: Massoud Hakim Erdogan Erdogan Advisor on Turkish TV:

We have fought Russia 16 times in the past, we will fight again. Our revenge will be very terrible.

It also added that 25 million Russian Muslims would be torn from the inside


The first flight of Mahan Airlines departs Imam Airport to Al Maktoum Airport and will land in Dubai in a few minutes.

:red_circle:“جنگ سارویا با کرونا در بازار رجایی ساری “
خوشی و دل‌شادی حق شماست اما
هموطن عزیز راه مبارزه با ویروس کرونا رقص در یک جای شلوغ نیست.
فقط به توصیه پزشکان گوش کنین و تا حد امکان خونه بمونین چون این بیماری داره سیر صعودی طی میکنه و جون خیلی هارو گرفته ! پیر و جوان هم نمیشناسه🤦🏻‍♂️
:red_circle: “Sarovia War with Corona at Raja Sari Market”
Joy and joy are your right, but
Dear compatriot, The way to fight corona virus is not to dance in a crowded place.
Just listen to the doctor’s advice and stay home as much as possible because the disease is on the rise and you are very sick! You are not old or young either

Clearly mass burials begin

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I have someone who can translate Farsi. She was alarmed when I posted that resignation letter. Not sure she will come in here but I can show her.

We had an ex military translator and @adunlap dad Translate it. Both said it’s legit

That info graphic is about proper facial hair to achieve maximum effect from your mask/respirator, it doesn’t matter which virus we are talking about. We will grow the beard back after this is finished don’t worry. If it doesn’t finish no living person will see your shaven face anyway.

Matan a todos los infectados?

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