It seems everybody is calm

Russian Supermarket

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It seems everybody is calm

The only misinformation I see is the official narrative

Good :slight_smile:

I’m not denying that

I have bought lots of things in ozon

What if this is a fear campaign

Not denying it’s not a real threat

but what if this is all being architected


Dun dun dunn

It’s a possibility

I don’t know :man_shrugging:t2:

It has to be

But I rather be aware

In here

Aware yes, prepared yes

In these gates

Then outside with the

I completely think one of two things: 1) it is totally planned, and we may never know why who what where or 2) it was accidentally let loose and again we may never know who what where when.

BUT I am so grateful for this group because now I am fully prepared. (Unless it goes mad max which is highly unlikely IMHO)