It’s here 😱🤮 it’s coming

It’s here :scream::face_vomiting: it’s coming

⤺ reposted by @Bitcoin_beau from So we have this fuck head cancelling our beloved BDFL’s because they go against his Vaccinated Demolition Man / Season 3 of Westworld future.


Thanks Red Wizards for fucking us over

The Great 2020 Monkey Shortage

Dude stfu :expressionless: you have your head in China’s CCP asses

Salafi terrorists on the borders of northwestern Iran:
In a video released today by Free Syrian Army personnel and Syrian soldiers and mercenaries in Karbach, and a number of Salafists who speak Arabic alongside a sign on the border. The sign reads in Russian and Armenian: You have arrived at the border area, you must have identification and a passport. “We are here,” said one of the terrorists. “The other side is Armenia and another says the other side is Iran.”
The terrorists in this video, are members of Sultan Murad’s gang and are dressed as Azerbaijani border guards,

:netherlands: Packages of cocaine got washed up at Borssele beach

On Tuesday, several hundred packages were washed up the beach. Police said it contained cocaine. The beach and the surrounding area have therefore been cordoned off.

Russia began to issue 25-ruble coins dedicated to medical workers working in conditions of coronavirus

В России начали выпускать 25-рублевые монеты посвященные медицинским, работникам работающим в условиях коронавируса

What joke! How many Russian Doctors fell out of windows this year? (Assassinated) by the Kremlin

:ru: Three Russian doctors have mysteriously fallen out of hospital windows in Russia over the past two weeks, heightening public attention to the working conditions for doctors and medical professionals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Russia reported today +10,102 new cases and +95 new deaths.

May 5th :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Russian Doctors leaning to option 4 “Silencing rogue personnel” all 3 complained.

“Three Russian doctors treating the coronavirus have recently fallen from windows”

Soylent green is people!

THIRD Russian doctor plunges from Covid hospital window: Medic, 37, is now fighting for life… just days after warning of PPE shortages and being forced to work despite being infected

That’s one of the values of Azazel / Doomsday it’s a Depository and the timelines can’t be edited.

“Пратэсты змясціліся пераважна ў Мінск, сталі арганізаванымі і вельмі радыкальнымі. У гэтай сувязі супрацоўнікі органаў унутраных спраў і ваеннаслужачыя ўнутраных войскаў не сыдуць з вуліц і ў выпадку неабходнасці будуць прымяняць спецсродкі і баявую зброю”. Пра гэта заявіў першы намеснік міністра ўнутраных справаў Беларусі Генадзь Казакевіч.

На фота: 11 кастрычніка, сілавік настаўляе драбавік на радыкальнаую ўдзельніцу пратэстаў, узброеную парасонам.

“The protests took place mainly in Minsk, became organized and very radical. In this regard, law enforcement officers and servicemen of the internal troops will not leave the streets and will use special means and weapons if necessary.” This was stated by (

% B0% D1% 80% D1% 83% D1% 81% D0% B8) First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus Gennady Kazakevich.

In the photo: on October 11, a security officer points a shotgun at a radical protester armed with an umbrella.

@AriesAzazel im 28 year old snd im tired of all these politics they are fickle todays ally id tommorows enemy

Im starting to understand your message on self improvement

Join the Black World

Leave the Bubble World behind

Look at the boots

why won’t they use local equipment tho🤔 oh wait


Russian Mercenaries once again pretending to be Belarusian Security/Police

Российские наемники снова прикидываются белорусскими спецслужбами / полицией

Is red = tech?

Red = Red Wizadry

Aka Black Hats :tophat:

Could someone explain this wizard stuff to me?

Four factions rule the World

Red, Green, Blue and Gold

Blue: Space and water
Gold: Spirit, Dimensions
Green: Surface, Subsurface

Red you’ll figure out

The World is divided into 2 colors

White World (Modern Society)

And Black World

Within the Black World of Technology exist Good Guys and Bad Guys

Good Guys are White Hats (Blue, Gold, Green)

Bad Guys being Black Hats (Red Wizards)

The Black World :earth_africa: is 100 to 1000s of years in advancement technologically depending on the level of technology you are working upon.

The illusion, the lie

Is that it’s 2020

When in reality it’s not

man that black world should hurry up with the covid vaccine becaude its getting crazy

Watch Flight of Dragons :dragon: to understand the rest