It’s going to get bad

It’s going to get bad

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— Chicago’s Midway International Airport Traffic Control Tower Shut Down After Multiple Workers Test Positive For COVID-19

Is there a California group? Anyone know?


Frenchmen translate please :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Meanwhile in Moscow

Polizei stürmt die Asylunterkunft in Suhl.

Police storm the asylum accommodation in Suhl.

That is insanely bad news

Sorry if I missed an earlier link - is there a Washington state group like the California group?

wow, I have just known EU close all borders

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In accordance with the spirit of this morning’s municipal government special meeting (the city’s business system resumed and resumed production and resumed video and telephone conference) and the deputy mayor Xu Kunlin’s speech, the relevant matters are urgently notified as follows:
First, all commercial enterprises will all cancel the original temperature measurement, scanning code and wearing masks requirements when consumers enter the store, all the original QR codes posted will be cleared, all doors and channels of the mall will be opened, and there will be no restrictions on current flow;
2. Cancel the filing of the commerce and trade industry and the life service industry, and resume work and market directly;
Third, all types of catering and stores will cancel the next-table dining and one meter noodles, and return to normal;
Fourth, do not engage in personnel promotion activities in the mall;
5. All commercial enterprises should immediately plan marketing activities from March to June, and the city will organize unified promotional activities in early May;
6. Employees of enterprises in shopping malls need to wear mask services;
Special inspections will be organized by the city and district;
8. If there is any objection from the relevant departments and streets, please promptly present this notice and clearly inform that you must not interfere, otherwise you will be held accountable in the spirit of opposing the Central Government and the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and immediately report to the District Commercial Committee.

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There’s a California group? Anyone has the link?

It’s posted a few scrolls up

Got it. Thank you.


Today, 50,000 people passed Shenzhen from Hong Kong. :frog:

San Francisco group too run by @unsafe_space

Hit him up