It can't be verified because we refuse to verify it just so we can say it can't be verified" seems to be the modus…

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The Truth

Meanwhile, in the Mojave Desert outside Las Vegas , a meteor from the Orionids Meteorshower pulverizes upon entering the atmosphere pre-dawn, leaving a trail of smoke visible for up to an hour after it streaked.

Vint Cerf’s Plan for Building An Internet in Space

Former Google CEO Calls Social Networks ‘Amplifiers for Idiots’

Trust me no one in Elon or Thiel circle let’s their kids use Social Media. Blue Wizard (Solar Warden) families are not on Social Media. They are busy leveling up :up:


Damn! :penguin::penguin::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag:





LAR -Denver

I am trying to decide if it’s funnier that it’s in the Netherlands, or it that is just total coincidence! :joy:

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