It amazes me that in all Russian media and telegram channels total silence about the protests in US

It amazes me that in all Russian media and telegram channels total silence about the protests in US
But RT (Russia Today) on foreign servers promotes protests and supports BLM and revolution… :thinking:

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That’s interesting. :thinking:

In the tweets @AriesAzazel was pulling last night, BLMLA were cautioning followers that there was another protest there, not part of their group. The name that emerged was Revcom and the name of the leader they cited has been scrubbed from Twitter. Before that happened, the group was able to grab some info to pick up the thread. Seems to go back to 1979.

By Dolly Veale Revolutionary Worker #1007, May 23, 1999

Good job, all. Keep digging.


This looks to be an email or message thread from 2002

These were for organizing three years ago. The files and marches are dated Oct/Nov 2017.

Ok enough with Revcom, It was a good exercise to debunk Intel.

Feds do it all the time To verify intel. If you feel you are good at this, You might want to consider a career in the Intelligence Community.

Black Lives Matter co-founder teams up with pro-Chinese Communist Party group.

Are they teaming up, or are people just seeing two seemingly distinct parts of the same overal organism?




If someone is moving in who even BLM is afraid of and cautioning against in public, that’s a big deal. Especially the fact that they’ve been around since 1979 and didn’t emerge until just now.

Yuri spoke of “useful idiots.” Is there a time that it’s too late for a group like BLM to come to a realization and make a turn?

Wow great read!

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It’s never too late. Would I put money on it? Probably not.

:sweat_drops::cn: As the CCP Prepares for War, China’s Flooding Continues
In Daqing, on Lake Nan Hao, three dams burst at once, 70,000 acres of rice were flooded — harvest in all year lost
Naturally, in order to feed so many hungry mouths, all that remains is only to unleash war. At least with devil, at least with god
#China #flood

:sweat_drops::cn: Пока КПК готовится к войне, наводнение в Китае продолжается своим ходом
В Дацине на озере Наньхау прорвало сразу три плотины, затоплены 70000 акров риса — урожай за год потерян
Естественно, чтобы прокормить такую ораву народа, остается только воевать. Хоть с чертом, хоть с богом
Заодно и голодных ртов станет меньше
#Китай #наводнение

Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, last night
Чжухай, провинция Гуандун, вчера вечером