Is Walmart Prepping For Post Election Food Shortages Pandemic Surge Second Wave

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Two of our walmarts have 7 to 10 shipping containers along the back and side of their store. When i did a pickup order, the guy kind of stuttered and said they were doing remodeling. The other employee wouldn’t even make eye contact. My son whispered… sssssoundssss suspicious. And HE thinks I’m crazy. Something is up. Maybe its just renovation. Maybe they are preparing for what’s to come. Why start renovation right at the holiday rush.

This is what i notice at my stores being in shorter supply:
Canned meat
Ramen noodles

And specialty flavors on things. I buy crystal light iced tea lemon decaffeinated. Always stocked. Now never. Some soda flavors. Some rice dish flavors. I think we are going to notice the shortages hit this area first. Not so noticeable. Here and there. Then boom. NO rice. No soup. Etc. Just like before.

Peanut butter is a huge protein source. People can survive on just 2 to 3 tablespoons a day. Its our backup source when the canned meat ia gone. A peanut butter shortage is a BIG deal.

I think you’re right - no way they’re renovating prior to a rush that’s supposed to coincide with a “twindemic.” So, what do you think the story is with the shipping containers?

Hoarding metals :man_shrugging:t3:

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I think they are stocking up on the items that disappeared with the first quarantine. Things that can be outside. I think they moved their softlines out there along with bikes, toys, surplus etc to make room for grocery.

I went inside and i don’t see that anything has changed.

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This jives with the Fort Toilet Paper Costco image we saw earlier for sure. They probably don’t want to get caught at a loss for a second time.

Oh damn! :scream:

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I’m going to the store later, I’ll update from my neck of the woods. Lately things have been well stocked for the most part, noticable shortages on TP and paper towels, and hand soap is becoming extremely difficult to find again. Bar soap is abundant but liquid is scarce. Very noticeable decline in the availability of generic OTC meds. Also one thing that stands out to me is that our choices are slowly being reduced (in the grocery store as in life). I am seeing a lot of discontinued and close-out merchandise that is specific to a certain brand, flavor, color, scent etc. I am finding this with everything from tea, seasoning blends, deodorant, laundry detergent etc. Stores are shifting to less variety so they can fill the demand for the most popular items. Manufacturers are responding in like kind and many are only selling certain scents, flavors, sizes etc to certain stores or locations; others are discontinuing the “underperforming sales” products completely.