🔴 Is this video true?

:red_circle: Is this video true?
Dubbed as a Coronary Disease in Langrove!

⤺ reposted by @0xv1qny from It turns out, the beard infographic isn’t related to coronavirus at all and was created for a 2017 CDC post about No Shave November.

Clearly mass burials begin

How is one initiated?

Went to Costco again. They are out of rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. Almost out of toilet paper and they just got a truck in yesterday.



On February 28, a Guangxi aided Han nurse collapsed in the buffer room of Wuhan Union Medical College West Hospital and suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, which was discovered by the cleaning staff about 5 minutes later. A member of the Guangxi Medical Team said that the fainted nurse recovered her heartbeat after CPR and is now in a coma. Considering the high risk of cross-infection in the ICU, the hospital plans to open a temporary ward in the operating room. According to official reports, the situation is relatively stable.
Why is cardiac arrest 5 minutes? After 6 minutes, it will cause irreversible pathological damage.

All video content was blocked inside the CCP wall.

The next footage is from the Foxconn/IPhone factory

Which reopened

顾不了肺炎疫情是否会扩散啦, 再不复工整串苹果供应链大家一起死 ~上海浦东台资大厂昌硕复工, 乱成一
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I don’t care if the pneumonia epidemic will spread, and we will not resume the entire Apple supply chain and everyone will die together.
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Geez. Extended supply chain disruption

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