Is this true?

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Is this true?

Don’t freak out yet ! Big difference in the two . Declaring a state of emergency allows the federal government to start funding for a particular states emergency. In this case the coronavirus. That gives them the ability to apply for federal money. Now if they start rioting in the streets and so forth they may call in the National Guard. That would lead to impose martial law. Whole different ball game at that point. At that point they can seize your guns, food, meds , house …


Before returning to work, I have to pay 3,500 yuan for quarantine, and return to my hometown if I do n’t want to spend money. Feeling quarantine is not epidemic prevention, but profit. From Fuyang, Anhui to Nantong, everyone was required to be quarantined for 14 days, 250 yuan a day.

#中共國 網傳:武漢城管十幾人暴力毆打生鮮超市的小哥和阿姨。

中共 国 网 传: More than a dozen people in Wuhan city management violently beat brothers and aunts in fresh supermarkets.

Some netizens in the comment area pointed out that the name of this fresh supermarket is Alajia, which has provided food security for Wuhan citizens since the fourth day.


Businesses in various places have resumed work, and rent reductions have been requested by businesses.
Explosions are in progress.

Ok room

medical marshall law my friend. thats another way to play it

So it begins

This footage is from NYC

Still working on verifying

According to police sources, the Asian man is between 20 and 25 years old. At around 1 pm on the 3rd, the man fell due to dizziness near the intersection of Flushing Main Street and Roosevelt in New York. He was taken to the Queen Division of the New York Presbyterian Hospital. The man wore a mask at the time of the incident and had a cut on his head when he was sent to the doctor, but he was conscious and had no symptoms like fever and cough. It has not been determined whether the man has other illnesses.

We shall see if it’s real

If not I’m taking it down

One of the largest shopping centers in Iran.

That’s basically the busiest intersection in all of flushing

A woman from Al-Ahwazi screams because her son has been infected with the coronavirus # Covid19 in the city of Ahwaz, in Arabia.

Just hoping it’s a stupid Instagram kids

He would be in a whole lotta trouble

He did lift up his head in another shot

Breaking: Two pupils at Olivers Battery Primary School in Winchester in self isolation after travelling in a taxi previously used by a passenger now confirmed to have Coronavirus. Unclear if it is linked to the confirmed Hampshire case that Public Health England announced today.

More of the NYC footage

Original here

And these people surrounding him

look at whole thread

EMS is not wearing any protective gear

I do see a cut above his right eye. Perhaps he just knocked himself silly guess we will find out or not

I’m more concerned because this Twitter account is not a jokester clout seeking account

Just a regular Chinese American going about his days

Pair of sunglasses fell off too