Is this Italy?

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Is this Italy?

Qom, Iran

Do you think what she used is good or no Aries?

Let me get back to you on that

Mexican gov just discharged the first patient because it’s not showing symptoms, not even a week under quarentene

Aries have you noticed the lack of zinc lozenges online?

Corona Unmasked video it’s not working, it’s already down by gov?

Oh, just work again, sorry.


LA Costco

We have ties to Bitchute it’s never going down


I would never say this before, but I have learned not to trust any of the health officials that speak on this in the news. As this pandemic has unfolded health officials in every country the virus hits play the same game as China did… they play it down, because the governments fear the panic of the masses more than they care for their health.

Accurate assessment :ok_hand: