is this a new bulletin? did this just get announced?

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is this a new bulletin? did this just get announced?

I think thats a summary of the press briefing earlier

heres another one

The latest press conference highlights cover the new bill which will allow for the following:

  1. Free coronavirus testing for all, even those who are uninsured. No copays.

  2. Offers paid sick and family medical leave for those who are sick with coronavirus, but also provides coverage for caregivers and for those caring for children due to school closures as well.

– People wont miss a paycheck…paid leave will be available to all. So if you are sick, stay home

– the IRS will issue tax credits for large businesses to cover this leave so they can handle the above benefits immediately with payroll
– the IRS will be available to small businesses so that they can continue operations

  1. Manufacturing and ordering of medical supplies, such as ventilators and masks has ramped up

  2. If you don’t have to travel, don’t

  3. They are considering other restriction measures for states impacted the most, if not national

  4. Trump took the test, no results yet

  5. All travel to Europe is suspended, including UK and Ireland. Americans and legal residents can still return, but will be encouraged to self quarantine for 14 days.

  6. All cruiseline operations will be suspended for 30 days. There will be new policies put in place for future safety

  7. We now have the full power of testing available, drive through testing stations are being set up where its needed most. Those who get a negative result, that doesnt mean you should take risks. You can be exposed and still get it later. So continue to social distance, practice good hygiene, and continue hand washing etc.

  8. Monday there may be technical changes or adjustments…this is the 2nd inning, much more work to do and both parties have been working well together to move as quickly as possible.

Next White House press announcement will be at 5pm est tomorrow

Trump got called out for mixed messages and shaking hands. I actually think he responded appropriately, he admitted that it’s a bad habit that everyone is learning to kick.

Trump criticized the Fed, and reserved the right to fire or demote the Chairman.

I think that covered it

:point_up_2::point_up_2: That said, there have been issues in previous press conferences where what they have stated publicly doesn’t align with reality… We will just have to wait for any fact checks or adjustments. Things are developing fast so I imagine we’re going to see a lot of that.

This national emergency has cut a lot of bureaucratic red tape so we will now be navigating this situation and seeing actions that were never possible before…it will be interesting to see what comes of it…good and bad

oh wow. i missed that press report. good to know. thank you so much.