Is the recent one in Montreal?

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Is the recent one in Montreal?

Seems like Elon’s tweet could be optics, but kinda sucks because a lot of people look up to him… that could cause them to think of it as sound advice. But still, if you can’t think for yourself and allow one mans words to guide you towards the vax… well, Darwinism

Yeah I know… :pensive:
Also, It’s just bloody Twitter… who cares? Does getting booted off matter that much? It probably does on some level but it just hurts the soul a bit doesn’t it seeing people having to play these stupid bloody games because of censorship or whatever. But do we really have to?

I agree, but I’m not him so I won’t try to guess wtf is going on. I wish we could abolish social media entirely and see how well everyone fares

Main reason behind today’s BTC dump :bangbang:

yeah bitty to burn to 40k

massive corrction coming

which is not a bad thing

Nothing suggests we are going below 50k again tho just fyi

This is whale accumulation zone. Plus miners are not selling at these prices and have not been selling since beginning of march.

i beg to differ…the game is profit…it will sell off massivily

again…its not a a bad thing

We always hope we didn’t just give the Els the Ents and the Anu any ideas since they have trouble creating…right…

omg that is so epic! :sob:

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No I dont think it’s a bad thing either I just dont see it happening below 50k.

i never thought it would get to 50 either haha!

expect what you dont expect. thats my thinkings

Haha good point. Well for me I wondered why it took so long to get to 50

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: epic haha!

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Either way it feels super healthy on its journey to x5 from here. Even a pull back to the 40s would be great opportunity to buy more but that’s exactly why I dont think it will go below 50k. Too many companies adding it to their treasuries now and too little supply across the board. Why sell now. I mean generally speaking not u specifically.

their business is to makes money…its no different to any trade…buy the bottom …sell the top…repeat