is it canceled yet?

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Canadian’s British Columbia Health Official broke down in tears during an interview.

:us: USA’s Treasury bonds are now at their lowest in history.

:iraq: Part of the precautionary procedures by the ministry of health in Karbala, Iraq.

Puerto Rico has corona :microbe:

Just looked at Facebook feed quickly and seeing some of my friends laughing at the situation is disturbing to me. Might be a good time to reassess my friendships.



I started worrying about a month ago. I am afraid that such an industrial area explosion is just the beginning!
Nuclear power plants are found all over the world. China, South Korea, Europe, and the United States are many! In the event of a large-scale plague, a large number of dead. Without the staff, no one at the nuclear power plant has cooled down for more than one month, basically leakage will occur, the core will be dissolved and a big explosion will occur.
Not to mention what would happen if the Three Gorges Dam was left unmanaged.

No imagine if they knew the real numbers. How would they behave? I would not want them in my team

Preppers are crazy yesterday

Fear mongers today

Selfish tomorrow

Remember that Red

Also yes, I wonder what the protocols for Department of Energy for Continuity of Government in a pandemic scenario for the reactors.

wait what? I’m trading treasury bonds and they are going up? notoriously they go up during economic downturn I thought

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even in my facebook page its all corona memes. when it will hit hard ppl gonna run helter skelter

I just got back for the child’s emergency room because my 3yr old ended up having croup but they acted fast and gave him steroids and his fever went down from 102 to 97 within 40 minutes thankfully :pray:
The whole time the hospital was proactive on keeping us contained in case the testing came back positive since the symptoms he had are almost the same with high fever cough and wheezing.
Once they knew what it was we all felt calmer.
Little man watching Spider-Man into the spider virus

Where are you? Sounds like you have better testing than USA

Note taken!

Absolutely! I’m learning this also

You mean next week?

And the little red hen!

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