Iranian houses marked with c19

Iranian houses marked with c19

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I have a friend in Iran who tested positive for the virus. He said 30 people died in the hospital when he was there getting his chest CT scan.

Just like the marking of Jewish houses during the Holocaust :scream::scream::scream::scream:

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Question - a family member is en route to Washington State to his house via car, 2 hours outside of Seattle. He was just told by a friend that because ‘Patient Zero’ is from Washington State, that’s the last place he should be. Even worse than NYC. Can someone weigh in on this? Thank you!

Not doubt he is entering one of our big hot zones.

Gov Ducey activates National Guard, places restrictions on businesses

Live from Ca- statewide order to stay at home/shelter in place. Soft disclosure before more aggressive orders and measures take place. As high as 70% of the population expected to contract covid-19, expected numbers to be around 56% according to Ca Governor.

It seems to be spreading among more affluent people first. (They can afford to travel, go figure.) The outbreaks were in East Seattle first, the wealthy nice area.

Same in Kansas City, affluent Johnson County seems to have it worst right now.

That makes sense

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yeah he thought he’d have more limited exposure there because he’s away from the city and there is a small population in his county

:us: Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold between $1.2M and $3.1M worth of stock in the three weeks beginning on Jan 24—the day of a closed-door, all-Senator briefing on the coronavirus.

:us: Sen. Richard Burr sold between $628,000 and $1.72 million in 33 separate transactions in 29 transactions.

He should probably assume he is surrounded by it, but if he is rural with the next house a stone’s throw away, he might be relatively safe at home.

ok thank you

:iran: In the last hours of the last day of the Iranian year 1398, Pres Rouhani ordered closure of shopping centers, malls, anywhere crowds gather. With Nowruz, all those places automatically will close.

The Rouhani government now hopes that the closure of all businesses (except chain stores, fruit and food shops+ supermarkets) provides people with some time to stay homes aiming that Coronavirus spread will stop soon.

Does he already have food etc stashed there? If he can stay in his house for 3-4 weeks he might be ok. But if he has to go out and get supplies and food etc, I would say not to go there just my two cents