Iranian embassy in China is asking the Chinese public for supplies on social network.

Iranian embassy in China is asking the Chinese public for supplies on social network.

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Do you know where in China this is??

Their embassy is in Beijing and they have consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou. It looks like all three locations are accepting donations.

Open that link and you can see their addresses and bank account.

#武汉肺炎 #新型冠状病毒

地点:东莞市东南部中心医院(塘厦医院新院区) 工厂让复工,从河南南阳到达东莞以后,出去买菜逛超市感染,厂里刚到6人,至少两人被确诊,其余人4人被隔离,定于2020年3月6日乘飞机转往武汉火神山。

武汉 肺炎 #New coronavirus

Location: The factory in the Southeastern Central Hospital of Dongguan (Tangxia Hospital New District) returned to work. After arriving in Dongguan from Nanyang, Henan, he went out to buy food and went to the supermarket to get infected. The man was quarantined and was scheduled to fly to Wuhan’s Vulcan Mountain on March 6, 2020.

Gholamreza Vosoughi Kia surrendered to Nurses in Poursina and Arya Hospitals in Rasht, who along with other unassuming colleagues in the fight against coronary artery disease. "

According to Gil Khobar: "He is the fourth leg of Gilan 's medical staff to fight coronavirus.

I do believe there are ways of boosting your immunity to a point where instead of the virus tearing you down. You are actually upgraded by the virus an take traits off it. The human body is capable of amazing things. I can not get into any of this on here so do your own research and just be prepared for the worst and pray for the best.

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What do you mean upgraded by the virus?

Told you i will not go into that on here.

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So if anyone one knows any journalist/influencers can you please share Corona-unMasked with them.

And invite them in

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This looks like a movie

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This is insanity

#中共國 因瘟疫,黃石市小區隔離,老百姓無奈如此理髮,載入史冊!

中国 国 Due to the plague, the community in Huangshi City was isolated, and the common people had no choice but to make such haircuts, which was recorded in history!

Quarantine haircut

I cant!!! Not my blonde highlights!!!


#中共國 陝西男子回城復工

中国 国 Shaanxi men return to work

Bring a big bag of homemade buns
Worry in case there is nothing to eat after isolation
It seems that resumption of work is like an abyss.
Step by step