[Iran] Kissing & licking Shrines of Imam Reza & Masumeh

[Iran] Kissing & licking Shrines of Imam Reza & Masumeh

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Degenerate people

I am really preparing a kit to live in the wood

What do you forecast ? For the world ?

Alguien de Sudamérica?

It’s gonna get worst

This is just the beginning

They are keeping the public in the dark

And a shit the fan moment is coming

Last weekend it was empty Italian supermarket

This weekend it’s Costco in America

So I keep telling you guys

Keep growing the hivemind

Told you to start preparing weeks ago

Since January 23rd

Add the furthest friend you have

Only way to cover the globe

:red_circle: چقدر در مقابل ویروس کرونا مراقب خودتون هستید؟

:white_small_square:فقط اون اولی که میگه ول کن بابا ملت پول باید داشته باشن

How much do you care about the Corona virus?

Only the one who says let go of the nation must have money

Misinformation and ignorance unfortunately

:red_circle::film_projector: زندانیانی‌ که‌ کرونا‌ گرفتند

ضعف مدیریت در کشور باعث شده #کرونا به بحران تبدیل شده و شیوع این بیماری از کنترل خارج شود داخل بیمارستان بدلیل محدودیت امکانات نمیتوانند به بیماران رسیدگی کنند پس حال زندانیان چه خواهد بود؟

انی Prisoners who received Corona

Poor management in the country has caused # Corona to become a crisis and outbreaks are out of control inside the hospital because of limited facilities they cannot handle patients so what will happen to prisoners?

Well another one bites the dust

Sorry for that folks

He’s outta here