Iran has overtaken Wuhan, and the number of confirmed diagnoses has been announced as 60,000.


Iran has overtaken Wuhan, and the number of confirmed diagnoses has been announced as 60,000. Streets and alleys are full of dead people. But friends in Iran think the real situation may be worse because their awareness of protection is too low. The Iranian people, like the Chinese people, hope that the virus can defeat their evil regime as soon as possible.

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60,000 — isn’t that 3/4 of the global official numbers

Depends on what the writer believes

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Sorry to say this, but i don’t think that people of China or Iran will get rid of their evil regime. I think it will only get worse for them.

Have faith Smitty

Have faith

重磅:前发改委主任高尚全致信中共高层要求改革,信中含若干重要信息:1.如无极为特殊事两会必须准时召开;中共早在去年12月28日就讨论推迟两会,说明高层已得知疫情并预见到其严重性,但隐瞒真相不让人民知情 2. 要求人大扩权,加强应变机制,3. 要求扩大民主,信息透明。希望更多人站出来为民请命!

Heavy: The former director of the Development and Reform Commission, Gao Shangquan, sent a letter to the top of the Chinese Communist Party requesting reform. The letter contains some important information: 1. If there is no special event, the two sessions must be held on time. Knowing the epidemic situation and foreseeing its severity, but concealing the truth and keeping people from knowing it 2. Ask the People’s Congress to expand power and strengthen contingency mechanisms; 3. Demand expansion of democracy and transparent information. I hope more people will stand up and die for the people!
Now ask it to reform, and then continue to power for decades, enslaving people for decades? I think if you really have the intention, you will propose to disintegrate the CCP, open the party ban, separate the three powers, and nationalize the military. In this way, you do n’t have to kneel and lick. This is the right path!


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