iPad Pro which got The channel started.

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Bullshit numbers

iPad Pro which got The channel started.

Anyway who went to Costco??! What did you buy? Do you feel better prepared than your neighbor?

bags cal / container lbs / bag kilos servings kcal per serving total calories
RIce (5 lb bag) 2 5 50 160 8000
bone broth (32 fl oz) 2 180 360
Pomi 6 240 1440
12 oz libbys corned beef 1 720 720
12 oz spam 7 1080 7560
pastachios 1 lb 4 1350 5400
snyders of Hanover (12 oz) 2 1800 3600
13 oz dijon mustard 1 700 700
16 oz justins almond butter 1 2940 2940
Tuna 5 0z 8 60 480
tuna 12 oz 2 270 540
15 oz peas 1 210 210
15 oz fbreen beans 1 52.5 52.5
15 oz sweet corn 13 210 2730
14 oz hormel roast beef hash 1 700 700
19 oz progresso lentil with rsted veggie 2 240 480
progresso cheicke noodle 2 130 260
Barilla Pasta (8 boxes) 12800 12800
Annies Shells and White Cheddar 12 650 7800
Dole Mandarin Oranges 4 oz 16 90 1440
instant oatmeal 52 160 8320
Nutella 26.5 oz 2 4000 8000
Condensed Milk 4 1300 5200
Evaporated Milk 8 480 3840
total calories 83572.5
people 6 13928.75
Cal/day 1500 9.29 =days


this is the reserves above and beyond freezers full of meat and all

Rice and Almond Butter big winners in the Cal/$ catagory

转发信息:近期不断有武汉市民反映自己家人被送往雷神山之后处于失联状态,非常担心她们的安危,有三名家属公开了失联亲人信息,希望知情者提供线索。Forwarding information: Recently, Wuhan residents have repeatedly reported that their family members were in a state of loss of contact after being sent to Thunder God Mountain. They are very worried about their safety. Three family members have disclosed the information of loved ones and hope that the informants can provide clues.

I just hope they are alive doing silly dances somewhere in Quarantine :pleading_face:

Delivery :truck:, the delivery man :man: has become a lifeline for many many families

Red Arm Bands: Be All That You Can Bully

#觀點 控制疫情/ #Viewpoint Control epidemic :mask: where is Xi?

Can you imagine being part of this round table when the cameras are off weeks ago and having to make the decisions these party members had to make :thinking:

Hopefully the CDC will not need to match the same decisions

I’ve been waiting for this, but hoping it didn’t happen

⤻ reposted @AriesAzazel to 转发信息:近期不断有武汉市民反映自己家人被送往雷神山之后处于失联状态,非常担心她们的安危,有三名家属公开了失联亲人信息,希望知情者提供线索。Forwarding information: Recently, Wuhan residents have repeatedly reported that their family members were in a state of loss of contact after being sent to Thunder God Mountain.

Totally which is why I didn’t include. Just wanted to give an on the ground perspective.

I feel really good about our prep actually. First time I’ve ever prepped.

Our video just went past 20,000 views, and I got permission from the CEO of Bitchute to remove the NSFL/W warning. That’s 10,000 views in the past 23 hours! Congrats Team, thanks to everyone who shared and promoted it, keep up the good work.

Wait all that for just 9 days?

Nice congrats

Ok everyone

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Till we are at 400

Come on!!! Save your friends

that is above and beyond the freezers and still accumlating

it is actually slow going

We have room for 199602 more

We are as strong :muscle: as our network.
Metcalfe’s law states the effect of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2).

Grow the community, awaken people and maybe save some lives along the way.

20,000 views of our movie! :upside_down_face:

美国洛斯阿拉莫斯国家实验室(Los Alamos, 做核弹的那个)里面的研究员们发表了论文的preprint。指出武汉病毒的R0在 4.7 到 6.6之间。也就是每个患者会感染 5 到 6 人。远超过原先估计的 2.2 ~ 2.7。患者数在传染初期每 2.4 天会翻倍。

看出阶级差别了吗?:thinking: 我看到Eric ding都开始转向的时候,感觉到这个承认这个事情不仅仅是中国政府有极大的压力,西方这些年来纵容中国的政府同样也有极大的压力。技术来源是美国的,实验室是法国援助的,幸好没有添加邱香果从加拿大带来的埃博拉病毒。现在做基因分析的大多都是国家或者政府的实验室,里面的人员受到压力几乎是不可避免的,所以,指望正式报告指出这些显而易见的人工制毒,几乎不可能,每个报告都在不停的打太极。:pleading_face:

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos) published a preprint of the paper. It is pointed out that the R0 of Wuhan virus is between 4.7 and 6.6. That is, 5 to 6 people per patient. Far more than the original estimate of 2.2 ~ 2.7. The number of patients doubles every 2.4 days at the beginning of the infection.
The R0 value of influenza is about 1.8; the R0 of SARS is about 0.6, and the infectivity of Wuhan pneumonia is 9 times that of SARS. In contrast to the well-known director who had no bed in the family, the deputy department-level retired cadres refused to be admitted because there were no department-level wards.

Do you see class differences? :thinking: When I saw that Eric Ding was turning, I felt that it was not only the Chinese government that acknowledged this matter, but also the Chinese government that has tolerated China in recent years. The technical source is from the United States, and the laboratory is assisted by France. Fortunately, there is no Ebola virus brought from Canada by Qiu Xiangguo. Now most of the genetic analysis is done by national or government laboratories. It is almost inevitable that people inside are under pressure. Therefore, it is almost impossible to count on formal reports to point out these obvious artificial drugs. Every report is non-stop. Playing Tai Chi. :pleading_face:

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already sucked Aussies dry

i am on this site, so i guess this means FB is not scrubbing the news: