Interesting. China apparently shut down our PCN and ASA production in the past by undercutting prices long enough for our production plants to go bankrupt, then later raised the prices. No doubt they paid their factory workers 5 cents/day for their work to lower market prices in the interim. Has anyone else heard of this? We depend almost entirely on China for most of our drugs, antibiotics.

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This happens everywhere in the world, not only with pharmaceuticals, but with all products that are made in China. Factory’s tend to have businessunits in China in order to keep productioncosts at a minimum

Just like iPhone’s etc.

Welcome to the new world order

That’s for the add… I’m in Tennessee. My husband is an internal medicine doctor at one of the largest multi specialty clinics here in our state. We have 4 kids including an adopted son from Wuhan, which made us especially interested in this pandemic.

My suppliers from China Honzhou are all working from home and they are really scared to say anything.

Keep us posted

Woman from Wuhan exposed the TRUTH!!!

“This wuhan incedent. This plague. The outbreak is planned as a political war within the party. They sacrifice us ordinary citizens. My family, parents are dying at home. Nobody cares about our lives, the lives of ordinary people. You can’t find medicine even if you have money. You can’t find hospital bed even if you have money. Hongkong compatriots, I support your independence. Taiwan independence, I support it. Tibetan and HK, I support all of them. Be free of CCP’s evil claws! A corrupt regime!!! An evil society. Not one person can speak their mind freely. Not a single person! Anybody who speaks her mind, is invited for “tea” in the police station detained, sentenced to prison. The law is their toy! It’s not ours! They can sentence you as many years as they want. Lawyers are of no use! Any lawyer who believes in justice will be locked away! They can’t even speak for the people because of the evil regime. They oppress us, we can’t speak! Let me tell you, one person will be sacrificed, and two. A REVOLUTION WILL HAVE BLOODSHED. I want to stand up, expose myself. I am willing to stand up, to sacrifice for my parents, my family. For a free life in the future. I speak and I am in danger, I know but I already can’t take it anymore! Hospital full of people, no beds, no medicine!!! ALL THE NEWS OF CCTV, THEY ARE ALL FAKE! ALL OF THEM!!! I saw people’s roars and cries. I need to speak, for myself and for the people of Wuhan! I need to speak to Chinese people!”

wow these a re great

I can watch it just now… :slightly_frowning_face: bad…

Is there any hope that the Chinese will ever be free of this censorship…

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This is really sad…people are tired and are dying… probably if only they had the strength at the moment a revolution would break out