Interesting 🧐 video sent in from Portland

Interesting :face_with_monocle: video sent in from Portland

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Interesting indeed!

Very sobering video by IAF

Ice Age farmer’s info scares the shit outa me

You have to understand the only way he stays in power is through fear and the upcoming war

Word of the day

Anarchist Jurisdiction

Who the hell at the White House comes up with these words. :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:

sure, but when i see what this motherfuckers in the eu are doing its hard to believe
i am from aut and this people are the enemy of the people… fucking communism

I think it’s not only communism who’s the enemy

i agree

The elites plan on plunging the world into chaos/problem so the people beg for their New World ORDER/solution… strap in and strap up


:us: US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo:
— “The people of Belarus deserve the right to choose their own leaders through a truly free and fair election under independent observation. We demand an immediate end to violence against them and the release of all who are unjustly detained, including U.S. citizen Vitali Shkliarov.”

3D Printed Scorpion :scorpion:

They’ve certainly come along way in 3D Printing Technology



Don’t blind others (humans)

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What’s possible if Divide and Conquer is avoided.

What’s possible if we are organizing/ed

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The secret about Doomsday is that its not about the end of the world, its about pushing us to all be better people, do more, learn, expand, survive.

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after all this qanon shit and the msm i am so happy to found this channel

Me 2

Learn Ham turn off Netflix

Download the books you need to rebuild,

Don’t count on the lights/grid to always work

Thanks to Moose and Renell for showing us the way

Learn how to grow food indoors/outdoors and food preservation.


New Food Link

Your home is your castle :european_castle:

For the next generation of Wizards

Seriously thanks you guys for believing in us.

best telegram channel ever - thanks!

Thank you

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