Interesting truth filters

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Interesting truth filters

Good good

Make your own decisions


:bust_in_silhouette: 秦鹏
:alarm_clock: Friday, January 31, 2020 3:52 PM

Traffic to Beijing tonight
Beijing began to work on February 3, and today the Chinese Communist Party official said late that those who do not need to continue to work can postpone work, and also approved the Hubei work delay to February 10.
The government rushed to work after the holidays in such a hurry, and I worry that Beijing will have a large number of new infections.

Qin Peng
:alarm_clock: Friday, January 31, 2020 3:52 PM


I’m all set

First time im seein 5g in wuhan, i regularly fight fb but have only gotten 1 truth check ping with everything and it wasnt even from things aries provided

Ok cool are we done with 5G

Dang just was a thought about 5g amplifying coronavirus and theres 2-3 satellites now with 5g

Also the. Aries what is ur thoughts on 5g?

Aries then what is 5g to u? And why u cut it down so quickly? Do u not think 5g is a weapon?

Why cant it b something thats addinf? (N this i thought is a place to out ideas out and if u shut it diwn so fast with out an explination as well as acting like its dumb, sucks)

Why they so “wild ass claims” , please educate us then homie, instead of trashin shop talk

I mean didnt Israel create it and the have it banned bc of its power and weaponry?

For some reason i thought israels government but maybe its just that they banned it from beinf used bc they dont trust it( i wish i had the source still)


Why is this so crazy?

Yes that i know about and thats why when i saw the article i was like hmm interesting

Coronavirus is def its own monster

Wanna laugh or join in? Xo

Unless its making it harder to fight off, everything effects everything

Yes we are going to kill all of you with 5G and Corona

Pew pew

Laser noises

Aries your giving blood?

Ordered to get a physical

This shit picks up stateside

I’m going off the grid

Off grid for how long?


Ordered to pick up physical ?

I’ll be back later

They took a bunch of blood :drop_of_blood: for physical

Feeling woozy

Wait what’s wrong with 5g now ??

Fucked up your brains and nervous system i guess, i dont know sure…

Have to do some research.

Don’t you think that bs?

Yes I’ve heard that 5g penetrates through skin as to 4g which ride along the surface of the skin, which enables 5g to go through walls connecting more devices to each other