Infinite Book Tunnel Illusion, Prague Library

Infinite Book Tunnel Illusion, Prague Library

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:fire: A fire has been burning since mid-July in the wetlands of west-central Brazil, leaving in its wake a vast charred desolation bigger than New York City.
The fires are threatening one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. The Pantanal is home to roughly 1,200 vertebrate animal species, including 36 that are threatened with extinction.
Record 23,490 square kilometers have burned to Sept. 6 - nearly 16% of the Brazilian Pantanal, according to Federal University of Rio de Janeiro analysis

:fire:С середины июля на западе центральной части Бразилии горят пожары, оставляя после себя обугленные пустоши, превышающие площадь Москвы и Нью-Йорка
По словам биологов, пожары сейчас угрожают одной из самых биоразнообразных экосистем на планете. Пантанал является домом для 1200 видов животных, 36 из которых находятся под угрозой исчезновения.
По данным Университета Рио-де-Жанейро, к 6 сентября сгорело 23 490 кв. км - почти 16% бразильского Пантанала

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C-Ram Air defenses responding to tonight’s rocket attack against the green zone in Baghdad.

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US C-Ram system intercepting rockets likely launched by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq (Telegram affiliated groups were promising an attack tonight for several hours).

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Kelso, WA: A man starting a bush fire in a residential area captured by a security camera. Climate change personified in a man.

Gee I wonder what Monsters they are tying to track

More Than 500 New Antennas Slated for Yellowstone Formerly Off-Limits Historic Buildings to Be Flooded with Wi-Fi - Environmental Health Trust

Meanwhile in Manhattan

MTA And NYPD Begin Crackdown On Maskless Subway Riders


Sir David Attenborough makes stark warning about species extinction

Conflict Observer:
— “Multiple eyewitnesses say they spotted a craft alien in appearance over Portland Air National Guard Base”





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