India authorises sale of electric vehicles without batteries

India authorises sale of electric vehicles without batteries

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I wonder if battery theft will now become a thing.

WuBonic Plague

Regarding the CDC “revision” of COVID only deaths to 6% …

just updated my query on the Mortality Rate for All Causes of Death and Influenza and the data hasn’t changed to reflect that type of revision, not does the initial look at the CDC website for Covid19 Case and Death metrics

You can see that causes of death (CoD) spiked very high the 2nd quarter of the year and has dropped off recently, probably due to incomplete data.

Deaths by flu and pneumonia are similar.

So the takeaway is that the rather gross amount of excess deaths we have in this year is due to COVID, most likely. Comorbidities or not, pre-existing conditions or not, COVID has been extremely deadly in the US.

Reportedly Portland antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl has been killed by law enforcement. ——


Reportedly, this is the shooter after the incident.


Moreover up to 50% of non elderly in the US have a Comorbidity. The percentage of elderly with comorbidities likely approaches 100%.