Incompetent as Fuck.

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Incompetent as Fuck.

Not to be political but I’m certain they want a lot of people to get this. They want lots of casualties. That’s the reason they’re holding back right now. Eventually people will panic and beg the government for help and for a vaccine. Trump isn’t stupid and wouldn’t risk reelection like this. There is a plan and their plan is working so far.

Trump opponents want this virus to spread. I heard some Bernie supporters in Seattle say “covid19 will do for public health policy what 9/11 did for public security”

Hi spoke today with 2 friends from Malaysia they told that no weird situations on street no one fight with police like in China or fall down on street so they got different virus or how it can be happen they got also from half of January so it should be also scary as movies from China but it’s not, where China have Firewall of information so we should have also have people fall in on street from other regions, isnt this weird?

I’m pretty sure the dems are in on what’s going on. They’re just playing their part.

Here is report which was what I heard blocked in China

In the end politics is no different than Hollywood. It simply exists to distract.

I seen this as well. This means their will be mass bio terrorism here in the states.

Meaning peoples mindset. They only listen and believe things if it in the news.

Read the essay Smitty posted right before your question. “It may also explain why some Asian countries in tropical area (such as Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand) with high temperature and high relative humidity environment did not have major community outbreaks of SARS.”

However bear in mind that this virus is different than SARS. We should not encourage people to treat it as such. Be very careful with it.