In Spain, cops try to detain a woman for not wearing her mask. A dozen people throw off their masks and wrestle the…

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Somerwhere in Catalonia. Police is Mossos D’Esquadra.

However, this wasn’t the only event to happen in Argentine last night.

All Police departments last night in Argentine entered in a Strike, as the tensions between the Centre-Right Opposition and Left Wing government continues to escalate.

:argentina: Argentinean Media, Radio AN24:
— "Alarm in the national government.

Tonight both the Federal Police and the National Gendarmerie would have refused to repress the Buenos Aires Police, as ordered by Minister Frederic to safeguard Kicillof.

Other provincial police would go on strike."’

:argentina: MP for Radical Civic Union, Mr. Alvaro de Lamadrid:
— "“With the Gendarmerie, repress the protesting policemen,” demanded the Kirchnerism.

The Gendarmerie ignored them and refused to repress.
They are on the side of the people.

They know tomorrow they will ask you to go against the people or they will go for them."

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:airplane: #Air_crashes
:tr::ru::libya: Today the Turkish air defense system MiM-24 “Hawk” shot down a Russian MiG-29 (Fulcrum) in Libya, reports
Russian-speaking pilot ejected at an altitude of 700 m, before reaching 45 km to airfield, spread his parachute and filmed a video
For downed Russian pilot, a Mi-24 helicopter flew in with the paint of Libyan National Army of General Khalifa Hafftar, who waging a war against Libyan government and is supported by Russian government.
Russian media of course deny everything - “this is a video from exercise”

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:tr::ru::libya: Сегодня турецкая система ПВО MiM-24 «Hawk» сбила в Ливии российский МиГ-29, сообщает
Русскоговорящий пилот катапультировался на высоте 700 м, не долетев 45 км до аэродрома, расстелил парашют и снял видео
За российским военным прилетел вертолет Ми-24 с окраской Ливийской национальной армии генерала Халифы Хаффтара, который ведет войну против правительства Ливии и пользуется поддержкой РФ
СМИ естественно, все отрицают - “это видео учений”


Exercise my ass

Is the pilot dead? @Insider20

The pilot on 1 video goes and tells where and how he was shot down :joy:

“Today I ejected: 45 kilometers from the airfield. I spread my parachute, I’m alive and well, only I hurt myself badly on the stones. Jeeps with the enemy are not yet visible. I will go into the valley, I will leave the parachute here on the ground. The plane fell about 200-300 meters away from me, there it is, still smoking …
(further, when helicopter arrived) Well, they finally found me! I’m happy!"

:arrow_up: The pilot tells on video:

“Today I ejected: 45 kilometers from the airfield. I spread my parachute, I’m alive and well, only I hurt myself badly on the stones. Jeeps with the enemy are not yet visible. I will go into the valley, I will leave the parachute here on the ground. The plane fell about 200-300 meters away from me, there it is, still smoking …
(further, when helicopter arrived) Well, they finally found me! I’m happy!"

The downed pilot speaks pure Russian, there is no doubt that he is Russian

Found the same video on YouTube with subtitles

Comments even more interesting than videos
Everything has already been blamed on the enemies of Kremlin (and Marshal Haftar)
We all waiting comments from Min. of Defense

In general, everything is as usual - “we are not there,” and Navalny was poisoned by the CIA with permission of Merkel… :upside_down_face:

Such crap is now being told on state channels

Since info in media is catastrophically quickly cleaned up, just in case, I saved the page from

Thank you comrade

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Wizard of the Day - Niels Bohr - #WIZARDOFTHEDAY

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” - Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who was one of the major voices in the early development of quantum mechanics. In the early twentieth century, his Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark, was a center for some of the most important revolutionary thinking in formulating and studying the discoveries and insights related to the growing information about the quantum realm. Indeed, for the majority of the twentieth century, the dominant interpretation of quantum physics was known as the Copenhagen interpretation.

Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was strong in mathematics and naturally attracted to science at a young age. In 1903 he enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Copenhagen, where he received his master’s and doctorate in physics by 1911. That same year he traveled to England to work in the Cavendish Laboratory where he met J.J. Thomson. In August of 1912, Bohr married Margrethe Norlund after they had met two years before.

In March 1912 Bohr traveled to Manchester to work with Ernest Rutherford, who had recently won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on radioactivity. Bohr returned to Denmark in 1912 after having secured a teaching position at the University of Copenhagen. He brought with him new ideas about the structure of the atom. It was becoming clear that Rutherford’s model of the atom, based on classical physics, was unstable. According to classical physics, the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom in orbit would emit electromagnetic radiation, causing the electron to lose energy and eventually spiral into the nucleus. The form of electromagnetic radiation being emitted came to be called photons, with each photon having its own precise wavelength and amount of energy.

In 1913, he developed the Bohr model of atomic structure, which introduced the theory of electrons orbiting around the atomic nucleus.

His model involved the electrons being contained in quantized energy states so that when they drop from one state to another, energy is emitted. Quantum physics states that objects emit photons in discrete packets rather than in continuous streams. Using quantum physics, Bohr proposed that electrons are confined to fixed orbits, each with their own distinct energy level. They only suddenly jump to lower or higher orbits as a precise amount of energy is emitted or absorbed in the atom. For example to move an electron to a lower energy level it emits a photon of the precise amount of energy that is the difference between the two orbits. Using Planck’s constant, the frequency of photons, and some information about the electrons mass and charge, Bohr was able to obtain an accurate mathematical formula for the hydrogen atom.

In 1920, he was appointed director of the new Institute of Theoretical Physics, later renamed the Niels Bohr Institute. In this position, he was in a position to be instrumental in building the theoretical framework of quantum physics. The standard model of quantum physics throughout the first half of the century became known as the “Copenhagen interpretation,” although several other interpretations now exist. Bohr’s careful, thoughtful manner of approaching was colored with a playful personality, as clear in some famous Niels Bohr quotes. His work became central to quantum physics and it for this which he was awarded the 1922 Nobel Prize “for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them.”

Albert Einstein was a known critic of quantum physics, and he frequently challenged Bohr’s views on the subject. Through their prolonged and spirited debate, the two great thinkers helped refine a century-long understanding of quantum physics.

One of the most famous outcomes of this discussion was Einstein’s famous quote that “God does not play dice with the universe,” to which Bohr is said to have replied, “Einstein, stop telling God what to do!” The debate was cordial, if spirited. In a 1920 letter, Einstein said to Bohr, “Not often in life has a human being caused me such joy by his mere presence as you did.”

On a more productive note, the physics world pays more attention to the outcome of these debates that led to valid research questions: an attempted counter-example that Einstein proposed known as the EPR paradox. The goal of the paradox was to suggest that the quantum indeterminacy of quantum mechanics led to an inherent non-locality. This was quantified years later in Bell’s theorem, which is an experimentally-accessible formulation of the paradox. Experimental tests have confirmed the non-locality that Einstein created the thought experiment to refute.

One of Bohr’s students was Werner Heisenberg, who became the leader of the German atomic research project during World War II. During a somewhat famous private meeting, Heisenberg visited with Bohr in Copenhagen in 1941, the details of which have been a matter of scholarly debate since neither ever spoke freely of the meeting, and the few references have conflicts.

Bohr escaped arrest by German police in 1943, eventually making it to the United States where he worked at Los Alamos on the Manhattan Project. Bohr did not remain at Los Alamos, but paid a series of extended visits over the course of the next two years. Robert Oppenheimer credited Bohr with acting “as a scientific father figure to the younger men”, most notably Richard Feynman. Bohr is quoted as saying, “They didn’t need my help in making the atom bomb.” Oppenheimer gave Bohr credit for an important contribution to the work on modulated neutron initiators. “This device remained a stubborn puzzle,” Oppenheimer noted, “but in early February 1945 Niels Bohr clarified what had to be done.”

Bohr returned to Copenhagen after the war and spent the rest of his life advocating the peaceful use of nuclear energy. He was involved in the establishment of CERN and the Research Establishment Risø of the Danish Atomic Energy Commission and became the first chairman of the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in 1957.

Bohr died of heart failure at his home in Carlsberg on 18 November 1962. He was cremated, and his ashes were buried in the family plot in the Assistens Cemetery in the Nørrebro section of Copenhagen, along with those of his parents, his brother Harald, and his son Christian. Years later, his wife’s ashes were also interred there.

In addition to the Nobel Prize, he received the Hughes Medal in 1921, the Matteucci Medal in 1923, the Franklin Medal in 1926, the Copley Medal in 1938, the Order of the Elephant in 1947, the Atoms for Peace Award in 1957 and the Sonning Prize in 1961. He became foreign member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1923, and of the Royal Society in 1926. An asteroid, 3948 Bohr, was named after him, as was the Bohr lunar crater and bohrium, the chemical element with atomic number 107.

“For a parallel to the lesson of atomic theory regarding the limited applicability of such customary idealizations, we must in fact turn to quite other branches of science, such as psychology, or even to that kind of epistemological problems with which already thinkers like Buddha and Lao Tzu have been confronted, when trying to harmonize our position as spectators and actors in the great drama of existence.” - Niels Bohr



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ok let’s start

We have to start facing the possiblity that some of us will be drafted into this upcoming war.

The Writings Is On The Wall.

Military leaders only recommend combat as last resort: U.S. Army chief

World must be better prepared for next pandemic, WHO says

:arrow_up: Warning Shot, incoming COVID 2.0

The Marine Corps’s new battlewagon is getting a 30mm cannon to take out enemy aircraft

All this military news is Actionable intelligence, it’s proof 3 letter agencies expect war at our doorstep…

Sniffers Are Still Searching for the smuggled Nukes. (Club-K)

Sucks to be in LA

The War Underneath Los Angeles continues

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Sorry for pilot. Btw i didn’t think those hawk could be really useful :sweat_smile: last upgrade was in 90s

The Air Force Just Tested “Robot Dogs” For Use In Base Security - The Drive

Run Spot Run

See Spot Run

Three images taken in 25 seconds by the Curiosity robot on Mars. We see a UFO making a sort of parabolic trajectory.

Hmmm :thinking:

How could countries be buying test kits from the World Bank (owned by WHO) for Covid-19 in 2018, when the so called pandemic happened in 2020?

2017 lol

Masks and disposable clothing (481,850) Exports by country in 2017 2018 2019
Additional product information: cellulose / paper masks. Paper or cellulose clothing and clothing accessories such as disposable paper hospital gowns, paper shoe covers, etc. Category: Protective and similar clothing 2017

Nothing in 2020