In Russia usually Monday considered the shitiest day 🤣🤣🤣

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In Russia usually Monday considered the shitiest day :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s Blurrrrrsday, Septaugustober 65.

Here too. Tuesday is kind of saying “oh guess what shitty on a “normal” day too! Shitty is the new norm!”


Monday is the barometer for “this sucks.”

Tuesday is the barometer for “this is normal and may also suck, ymmv.”

How much abnormal we can shove inside of normal and parade it around wearing 2020 happy new year glasses ironically remains to be seen. But so far we’re doing an excellent job.

Not bad for a Tuesday

Expectations are high. Quotas are low. There is no abnormality shortage. We’ve got this.

:ru: #RUSSIA :belarus: #BELARUS
:zap:Russian heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD RA-76638 is landing in Minsk
The paratroopers of 76th Guards Airborne Assault Division from Pskov are aboard

:ru: #РОССИЯ :belarus: #БЕЛАРУСЬ
:zap:На посадку в Минске заходит российский тяжёлый военно-транспортный самолёт Ил-76МД RA-76638
На борту военнослужащие 76-й гвардейской десантно-штурмовой дивизии из Пскова

:arrow_up: These are the very guys who were preparing in Pskov for shipment to Belarus from August 20 :arrow_down:

:ru: #RUSSIA :belarus: #BELARUS
:zap:Employees of St. Petersburg Riot police prepared to send to Belarus
Since August 20, more than six hundred riot policemen from St. Petersburg have been deployed in the vicinity of Pskov. All employees were ordered to remove chevrons and other identification marks from their uniforms, reports tg-channel Baza
In addition to “manpower”, 40 trucks were placed near Pskov to transportation troops

:ru: #РОССИЯ :belarus: #БЕЛАРУСЬ
:zap:Питерский ОМОН готовят к отправке в Беларусь
С 20 августа более шестисот бойцов ОМОНа из Петербурга разместили в окрестностях Пскова. Всем сотрудникам приказали снять с формы шевроны и иные опознавательные знаки, сообщает Baza
Помимо “живой” силы, недалеко от Пскова разместили 40 грузовиков для транспортировки подразделений

But then all Russian (and Belarusian) channels shouted in unison that this ‘fake’…

Someone asked me if I had plans for the fall, it took me a moment to realize they meant “autumn”, not the collapse of civilization.

go on instagram/facebook search for #sun tell me what pops up


Not seeing anything out of the ordinary on Facebook. A couple “unworldly sunsets” posts, smoke from fires, people out in the sun, or animals in the sun

Same here


it’s probably about the sun crypto

The hashtag #sun is non-existent on Instagram. There are sun related hashtags like #sunrise #sunset etc