I'm sure this has been posted already, but just in case. It's fantastic

I’m sure this has been posted already, but just in case. It’s fantastic

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My first seeing it.

Do we know how is wuhan today? :thinking:

This is the second time I’ve heard that children seem to be less affected.

Ty! Any other good podcast in general out there that you interesting people listen too let’s put this under entertainment category of quarantine as well as education :wink:


Good idea!!

Listening to the podcast, love that phrase “Cognitive Denial” been experiencing that myself last few days.

Does anyone know how this virus acts on warner weather?

My understanding is that its still too early for reliable data on just what this virus really is.

Macro Voices has had two coronavirus specific episodes. But also he leads off every episode talking about it now

From a close friend who I trust:
“FYI I am in shanghai, China. The country handled the virus situation with extreme urgency and left little to chance. Restaurants closed all seating areas, officials checked temperatures of all pedestrians, even the amount of foot traffic based on people leaving their homes was tracked by government, officials patrolled the seats and checked restaurants for safe practices and tons more. Thermometers were checked and recorded by hand at every building. I hope the rest of the world leaves nothing to chance as well … korea exploded almost out of nowhere from one gathering. Every place in the world should avoid major gatherings of any kind for the time being”

Primer caso confimado en ecuador

Not exactly yet, but here is an article about regarding Sars:

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This is why I bought a humidifier and a hygrometer to make sure the humidity in my room is 60%

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It’s active in Thailand and Singapore so yes.

Smitty posted an medical paper on it, but think like a virus for a moment. The origin of all viruses, like a lot of life, is Africa. Africa is warm and dry. It is just that certain viruses bind to receptors in certain kinds of tissues, like air passage way tissue. Since cold dry weather in winter tends to dry out our nose and throat mucus membranes, it is easier for them to bind and infect. It is not necessarily that viruses are less present in summer, but we are better equipped to defend. That is the case for these seasonal types of influenzas. Viruses pretty much like the same kind of weather and climate we do, and can survive 5 days or so “in the wild” but cannot replicate while so. Like a lot of parasites they are hardy on their own and then replicate wildly once finding a host. You asked about “this virus” but all viruses share a lot of similar features. They are cells, they are extremely tiny, they translate, transpose, reverse transcibe, whether it’s DNA based or RNA doesn’t matter too much, similar mechanics etc. and I feel a lot the research is mostly genetic, not much actual cell biology work, because it’s just very hard to study them in an observable sense and probably, I’m guessing, that’s where the research dollars are these days, in genetics. (Science funding is always very biased toward new technologies.) I can give a specific example. The outer layer of animal viruses have a lipid (fat) coating, called a viral envelope or lipid bilayer. It is described as “buttery”. Not many studies on how temperature or humidity affects it. For humans, you would like to know what types of tissue one virus can bind too. For instance HIV-1 likes genital tissue. Strange but true, and that’s someone with AIDS is not going to infect you if he coughs. Lastly, it’s probably the case that all viruses are technically airborne. At 15 to 500 nanometers, that is small enough to interact with air molecules. It’s just a question whether they can float their way to a host tissue site that suits them or not and whether they can survive that journey. The viral envelope probably has some factor in whether it can live that way, but we don’t know, I’m just guessing. Just thinking like a virus.