I'm having runny nose for 2 3 days now

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I’m having runny nose for 2 3 days now

I heard the virus causes a dry cough. Runny nose means the opposite

Take vitamin c asap. Even if it’s regular cold, strengthen your immune system. 1000k vitamin c 3 times daily…

This is a message my surgery friend received from his co-resident when he kept saying it was “just like the flu” on Facebook.


Yes, I’m having Indian gooseberries.

Then it’s normal cold i guess

Doubt it

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Already self-quarantining. :arrow_up: If I waited to be told by the government, I would be unprepared and infected. :expressionless:

hUrR dUrR

vIrUs dOnT aFfEcT cHuRrEnS

We have 3 confirmed cases we know of. This article is from our news 24 :scream:

I have been self quarentined for three weeks

Sad to see the Iranians also lying about the numbers

‎🔴 3600 فوتی از میان 106 هزار کرونایی

‎▪️بر اساس جدیدترین آمار رسمی صبح یکشنبه 8 مارس 2020 تعداد 3600 تن بر اثر ابتلا به کرونا فوت کردند.
‎▪️تاکنون 106,210 تن کرونا گرفته که از این میان 60213 تن بهبود یافتند.
‎▪️از میان 42398 کیس فعال، حال 6036 تن وخیم اعلام شده است.

‎✍پ.ن: اگر آمار فوق درست باشد و با توجه به اینکه احتمالا افرادی که حالشان وخیم است فوت کنند، پس نتیجه میگیریم درصد مرگ و میر کرونا حدود ۱۰٪ می‌باشد و البته در شرایط مراقب‌های ویژه، نه در کشور ما که ظرفیت برای بستری بیماران وجود ندارد!

‎در نتیجه ممکن است در ایران حتی تا ۲۰٪ هم آمار فوتی از بین مبتلایان داشته باشیم و با وضعیت فعلی مدیریت بحرانی که داریم احتمال ابتلای ۱۰ میلیون نفر در ایران خیلی بعید نیست که می‌شود حدود ۲ میلیون نفر کشته!!!
:red_circle: 3600 feet from 106 thousand kroner

36 According to the latest official statistics on Sunday morning, March 8, 2020, 3,600 people died of coronary heart disease.
So far, 106,210 tonnes of corona have been recovered, of which 60213 tonnes have been recovered.
Of the 42,398 active cases, 6036 were declared dire.

UP: If the above statistics are true and considering that people who are in serious condition are likely to die, then we can conclude that the coronary mortality rate is about 1% and, of course, in our intensive care unit, not in our country, the capacity for No hospital admissions!

As a result, we may have as many as 1 in 5 deaths in Iran, and with the current crisis management situation we have, the probability of 1 million deaths in Iran is not unlikely to result in the deaths of approximately 2 million !!! !

I had a runny nose last week with a bit of a cough and some chills. I’m all better now. The regular cold is still going around :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank you❤️