If you've been exposed to the coronavirus - Harvard Health

If you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus - Harvard Health

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Per Harvard Health:

The FDA recently granted emergency use authorization to a new rapid antigen test for COVID-19. How is it different from other tests on the market?
The FDA recently granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for a new diagnostic test for COVID-19. Results from this inexpensive test are available within 15 minutes.

The BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card, as the test is known, detects antigen proteins on the surface of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Unlike other diagnostic tests for COVID-19, BinaxNOW does not require a laboratory or other equipment to process or analyze the test results. This makes it portable and fast.

This test is approved for use in people who are suspected of having COVID-19, and must be done within seven days of when their symptoms began. A prescription is needed to get this test, which can be performed in authorized locations including doctor’s offices and emergency rooms.

To perform the test, a sample obtained using a nasal swab is inserted into the BinaxNOW test card. The test is a lateral flow immunoassay, which works like a pregnancy test. The appearance of colored lines on the test strip indicates whether or not you have tested positive for COVID-19. The test comes with a smartphone app that can be used to share test results.

Positive test results are highly specific, meaning that if you test positive you are very likely to be infected, particularly if you are tested during the first week of infection when you are experiencing symptoms. False negatives are a bigger concern. As with other antigen tests, BinaxNOW can miss infections, producing negative test results in people who are actually infected.

Still, this test could have an important role during this pandemic. It offers a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to test more people, more quickly.


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According to this it sounds very unlikely for a person to be testing every single day, have no symptoms, then suddenly test positive.

But also according to this, “the tests are only maybe sometimes accurate? Like most of the time of yes, and maybe only-kinda-sorta welllll? if no, so, meh? You keep taking em and we’ll keep making em! Cha-ching! :money_mouth_face:

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What do these 3 films have in common.

Red blue gold

I’m sure it has to do with one of the colors, but women being kidnapped and subjugated or forced to make huge sacrifices are a theme that jumps out. But it’s ok because they look pretty and have fun hair accessories.

All red?
Magic & occultism ?

Anyone get this today in there state

Not sure if this has anything to do with the point you are making, but it’s an interesting and insightful analysis of media manipulating the masses through subversive messages meant to shape ones imagining of the world around them.


Sex propaganda. Why didn’t you use the original cover with the phallus for the little mermaid?

All the main characters have noble principles?

Nothing to do with colors or beliefs

they could all act selfishly but choose not to?

Nothing to do with colors or beliefs

They all use symbolic colors of red, gold, green and blue to allude to planetary themes of humanities work (blue) against alien forces in ocean, land and space.

Nothing to do with colors or beliefs

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Let’s just do news

All three of the story’s heroines have a quest for knowledge of the world and a desire to experience the world beyond the borders of their homeland. All three heroines are considered defiant yet dignified, defying their fathers in search of knowledge that is forbidden.

I saw these films at the intended age, being born in 90. . I believe Aladdin was the first actual movie I can recall, other than Mickey Mouse animated cartoons, and being emotionally stirred by it.