If you want to hang with them, I suggest but those guys really get in deep, probably cannot comprehend, I can't understand half of it

If you want to hang with them, I suggest

but those guys really get in deep, probably cannot comprehend, I can’t understand half of it

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I am pharmacy student. Will understand.
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Also of it was a car accident you would not place 2 kids in one body bag.

That’s great, pls let us know of anything of interest or not


It’s exactly what it is,

Really tired of people defending CCP version of twisting the story around after such leaks

I also like

They placed them all in one body bag as compassion. For the fact that it’s a family.

I have a direct line to China, I have editors. Chinese editors/reporters I have to answer too, I take their words Over your assumptions.

Where do you think the Chinese characters come from

If you want to believe it’s a car accident that’s on you. I believe my Chinese partners risking their lives to get this content out.

888 positive in Italy. 21 dead. 46 recovered. 414 in isolation. 345 hospitalized with symptoms. 64 in ICU. 15695 tests performed. Positivity rate 5.671%

As the only American publishing this/my room of 835 is the smallest room compared to the other Chinese rooms I’m allowed entry in and where I publish content.

Where you getting this from?

Average age to death 79.714

Life expectancy in covid19 stricken provinces weigthed for sex 82.459

Years of life lost on average 2.745

Department of Civil Protection Government of Italy

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Std 71.9-86.9

14$ omfg - this costs 2$ usually

Big time


No, you don’t need to shave your beard to protect against coronavirus, CDC says

It turns out, the beard infographic isn’t related to coronavirus at all and was created for a 2017 CDC post about No Shave November.

The blue link is where the original photo graphic came from in 2017.


It’s like I need a sworn testimony and ID as the person who leaks it to us. As they risk their lives under the CCP To prove to westerners that the world and they’re way of life is coming to an end

Even Mamba gave notice

Awesome Please share any info you find there