If you don’t think the Republican Party is gone forever - here’s more proof.

⤺ reposted by @0x1Dgmts from They paid a bribe to resolve a bribe case basically 😂

Both parties are done. One will try to rule by force.

Kim to Pelosi


Glad I got really smart last year. I love being grey more then ever. No drama and no politics or any talk with normal folks in the world. Very refreshing and will mean everything to survive live and thrive as I build skills for new worlds and travels.

lol :joy: clown world continues

lol, violent entry

Check out Middle East

Remember Humming Bird Rule

Well we now are being given the taste of what the timeline they want to happen immediately if Biden becomes POTUS.

Each KC135 multiple 4 to 5 fighter jets

Welcome to China :cn:

A few different directions this year will go for us. The reds are already striking fast with what their agendas and timelines is for the world especially the USA which is the last great stand.

Still no proof of life