If you are worried, take Vit D3, Zinc and Vit C now.

If you are worried, take Vit D3, Zinc and Vit C now.
Research chloroquine. This is an anti malaria drug having a great impact when used with COVID19.
Buy Lypospheric Vit C and use heavily if you get sick.
A pulse oximeter is useful. A nebulizer is helpful, and oxygen concentrator invaluable.

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Dr Shirin Rouhani continued to work in hospital with angiocath in her hand, died of Covi19 today.


中国 国 Scream! The faller smashed into the car. .

The incident occurred in Jincheng, Shanxi, near Jincheng and Yuanyuan, where a man fell to the ground for an unknown reason and smashed into a small car. Judging from the video and voiceover, the car may not have applied the handbrake, and was hit by the falling man before slipping forward to the position seen in the video.


Это не очередь на шиномонтаж, это машины скорой стоят в Москве c больными, у которых подозревают коронавирус.

Такая очередь собралась вчера вечером у инфекционной больницы № 2. Двадцать две машины скорой помощи с больными ОРВИ и пневмонией. Госпитализируют их не просто так: почти все пациенты так или иначе контактировали с заболевшими COVID-19, поэтому, возможно, заразились сами.

Из-за нехватки мест в московских больницах в департаменте здравоохранения города даже решили освободить больницу № 15 имени Филатова в Выхино. Оттуда за несколько дней вывезут всех пациентов, чтобы заполнить палаты больными с подозрением на коронавирус.

This is not a turn for tire fitting; these are ambulances in Moscow with patients suspected of coronavirus.

Such a queue gathered last night at the Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 2. Twenty-two ambulances with SARS and pneumonia. They are hospitalized for a reason: almost all patients in one way or another came into contact with patients with COVID-19, so they may have become infected themselves.

Due to a lack of places in Moscow hospitals, the city’s health department even decided to release the Filatov hospital in Vykhino, No. 15. All patients will be taken out of there in a few days to fill the wards with patients suspected of coronavirus.

Moscow also seems to be getting hit hard

Крупный железнодорожный эшелон с военной техникой (САУ, БМП и бронеавтомобили) в американской Пенсаколе.

A large train with military equipment (self-propelled guns, infantry fighting vehicles and armored vehicles) in the US Pensacola.

The Chilean military blocked entry to the coastal city of San Antonio as part of quarantine procedures.


Morocco stationed troops in cities to maintain quarantine activities.


Alerts indicate the beginning of curfews in some regions of Jordan.


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