If this is true.. This made my heart feel lighter.

⤺ reposted by @TheWysard from I believe too stright quarantines are bad, what happens when they end quarantines. All people get sick at the same time?

If this is true… This made my heart feel lighter.


Just need to survive it.


Regarding shipping and international commerce slow ups - People are pretty elastic, and yes, the quantity of products relies upon large container ships, however if you do need supplies, you can pay an added fee and they will AirShip your product from China or wherever to you quickly. In fact if you think about all the airlines with lack of customers, it’s a perfect time to airship anything as they are desperate for payment. How do I know this? I’m starting to manufacture a product, and so far all products have arrived via plane this time in record time (including some components from Guangdong China!)

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Water+soap more efficient than alcohol or sanitizet

Costco here shut down

In commack

No way


What do you mean :sweat_smile:

Grew up in Nesconset…1970 till 2000

What about Farmingdale

Judging from my high school mate’s fb photo (she lives in Commack) she might have cleaned them out herself


Newborn born with CV in London :flushed:

At Dell we are seeing hardware shortages

They literally closed their doors.

Or don’t buy Chinese

Dell had similar supply shortages post 9/11. They keep incredibly efficient supply inventories. We made our run on bestbuy for work-at-home hardware on Thurs. Came up with some good configurations, but nothing bespoke.