If someone in your home gets sick you are already exposed before they have symptoms

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If someone in your home gets sick you are already exposed before they have symptoms

I know . I’m talking about the masks being ineffective if N95

the masks help you not touch your face

Goodmorning guys!

Good morning! How are you feeling? How is Italy ?

:slight_smile: and what about you? Your trip? Italy in this moment is… wired… they are finding cases everywhere… I’m in the yellow zone for now, some restrictions…

What kind of restrictions do have in your location ?

Poland has a confirmed case in Szczecin. media gag. not reporting. But we know a friend of a friend who is a lab technician locked into the hospital. fully quarantined hospital. nightmare

Hi Steve I’m from Poland

There were rumor on Internet but they don’t firm Notting

They claim that is no confirmed

yeah I know

its 100% confirmed

our friend was at the hospital and got turned away. her friend is currently locked in the hospital

But few days ago my friend here in pharmacies from some doctor that is one case but they don’t tell because there are going to vote in 2 months but till then they must confirm it

Can You give name of hospital?

you know how it is in poland. the old way of communicating “on the street” is how your family and mine survived during WWi and II and communism. And that model is working again.

let me ask my wife.

Great thanks a lot for it

for sure!

my wife is polish

I just have polish ancestry

All kind of school are closed, no events, no competitions, no to everything that creates public aggregation. restaurants and bars can remain open only if they have certain characteristics that guarantee distance between customers (but still empty, few people spend time outside their home at this time). Example the banks let the costumer enter one at a time and wait outside so as not to keep people too close.

Steve I must go now for while please put information here so all will see but also send me on private so I don’t miss it thanks again

Do you go to work?

I’m sick since feb 9th… so… no…