If only they used the real numbers to show the true curve

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If only they used the real numbers to show the true curve

:fr::biohazard: CORONAVIRUS in France.

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Is this plausible ?
Yes it is.

In the last hours, hundreds of french nationals were taken back by plane from China. And put into quarantine.

And in the last hours ALL the french press published the same kind of articles (picture related).
“Why quarantine is cool?”, “What is it like to live in quarantine?”, funny livestreaming from inside, jokes with The Walking Dead and Shutter Island, nice pictures of the gardens of the quarantine center.

It is a bit too much. Like if they were trying to calm the crowd and avoid panic. Maybe not. But they are exagarely calm and funny.

So it’s very plausible they are waging information warfare. Giving orders to the press so they adopt a neutral and funny tone. And maybe avoiding certain information to spread.

However, it doesn’t necessary mean the country is facing a pandemic.

It just means they are feeling an urge to control what information is spreading

Now ask yourself why they feel this urge ?

Ok the operatives have landed in Taiwan


這位也想做Spitter吼🤨,特殊時期,平常的不文明行為建議上升為「危害公共安全」行為懲辦🙄。Taipei, Taiwan, at 8 pm on the 2 / 5th. A man at the Nanshijiao MRT station has been spitting at the escalator of the MRT station.

This person is not human, In special times, the suggestion of ordinary uncivilized behaviors has risen to punishment for “endangering public safety.”

Not contegion for example in Italy.

We have 2 chineses with coronavirus in Italy… they arrived in milan and they travel 8 days before go to the hospital… they spent time in a Pullman with other people, rent a car with driver, stay in hotels… and they didn’t infect NOBODY…

#觀點 二十世紀中,人類社會發生的八大人道災難,全部發生在社會主義國家。中國佔了四個,前蘇聯佔了兩個,朝鮮和柬埔寨各佔一個。進入二十一世紀以後的兩大人道災難,全部發生在社會主義中國,一個是中國非典,一個是武漢肺炎,極具社會主義特色。#Viewpoint In the twentieth century, all eight humanitarian disasters in human society occurred in socialist countries. China has four, the former Soviet Union has two, and North Korea and Cambodia each have one. After entering the 21st century, the two major humanitarian disasters have all occurred in socialist China, one is Chinese SARS, and the other is Wuhan pneumonia, which has very socialist characteristics.

They made a a lot of test and all were negative… and believe me, Italy is too small for hide big number.

If the virus works like in China, now… in Europe, we should have a lot of infected

It’s wired

我们不呐喊不反抗,最后就是什么都没了!!Breaking news: This morning, I wore a layer of ordinary white mask and disposable medical mask to collect swab samples from patients. How does this substandard protection device allow us to work in the field? I really want to know, what are we going to fight in the absence of any protection? Several colleagues have fallen, please don’t let us die.
We don’t shout or resist, and in the end nothing is left! !!

北京市内共发生73起群聚感染案例,2月10日北京封城。事实上,北京疫情早已失控。2月3日有5名医护人员和4名患者感染新型肺炎。医护人员感染被认为是疫情失控的一个重要标志。红二代透露,北京机关大院和部队大院,有红二代及家属确诊,集中在中日友好医院隔离治疗。北京官员谈疫色变,躲在家里不敢出门。:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: A total of 73 cases of cluster infection occurred in Beijing, and Beijing was closed on February 10. In fact, the outbreak in Beijing has been out of control. On February 3, 5 medical staff and 4 patients were infected with the new type of pneumonia. Infection by health care workers is considered an important sign of an out of control situation. The second generation of the Red revealed that the second generation of the Beijing government harvest organs at the army compound had a confirmed diagnosis of the second generation and their families and concentrated in isolation and treatment at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. Beijing officials talked about the change in the epidemic and were afraid to go out when hiding at home. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Dana B take a look at the picture used by this posting. It’s troubling for many reasons. W Ashley Kolonder @Bel210 Brandon @themike27

i have a question about the videos where the doors are welded. is there already a video about how people receive medical care? how to get something to eat who takes care of them ?. or are people just locked up and waiting for the dead??? Seems so

I saw so many fires…

That’s actually been a huge problem. Since they no longer can go to the hospital they (the frail) form huge lines at the pharmacies to get medication. Which is bad for them since they are frail and should not be outside in such conditions.

Since hospitals are closed, regular patients with illnesses can’t see doctors. Lines at the pharmacy can get tense

北京什麼情況了小哥你心裡有數嗎?你這樣戴口罩很快就能去見你的「毛爺爺」了🥴。What happened in Beijing, do you have any idea? You can quickly meet your “Grandma Mao” by wearing a mask like this.

:arrow_up: incorrect use of mask

#中共國 武漢的基督徒依然在分享上帝的愛。# 中共 国 Christians in Wuhan are still sharing God’s love.

:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: a test of faith in the 21st century​:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::pray:t2:

There is probably no help for the people who are locked in their homes when hospitals are no longer accepting patients. So nobody cares about the people who are locked up at home,that is so inhuman😡

Communities should organize “runners” to support a group of people to get medications.

They either have food delivered to them or are allowed to reup once a week

Yes the runners

That’s a good idea

morning Aires strength and honor

I feel so sorry for the people

#中共國 原來一線醫生護士拿不到防護服,都被這群畜生一樣的東西們拿去擦車了。:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: # 中共 国 It turned out that frontline doctors and nurses couldn’t get the protective clothing, so they were all wiped out by the animals. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

CCP should not be wasting protective gear on party propaganda safaris. This reminds me of the scene in Red Dawn where the Soviets go on mini vacations while occupying America

[Global Times reporter photographed the scene of “can be collected and received” the night of chaos, and the central guidance team was severely accountable.] On the 9th, Wuhan City concentratedly treated newly diagnosed patients with new coronary pneumonia who had not been hospitalized. The Global Times-Global Network correspondent in Wuhan tracked the interview and found that during the night when patients were transferred to Wuhan Tongji Hospital’s Zhongfa Xincheng District, Wuchang District not only had poor transfer vehicle conditions due to delayed work, disorderly connections, or disorderly organization, Street and community workers also did not follow the car service, causing critically ill patients to wait for a long time and then get out of control, which is very bad. In the early morning of February 10th, the Central People’s Government of Hubei, which has grasped the situation, issued instructions. This matter must be thoroughly investigated! The responsible person must be taken seriously! The interview also sent a strong signal to the majority of cadres: during the “epidemic” of war, those who fail to perform their duties will be seriously held accountable. Every party member and cadre must be nervous, quickly enter the state of wartime, and truly put the lives and health of the people first. (Global Times-Global Network correspondent in Wuhan, Fan Wei, Yang Cheng, Cui Meng) @This Video

Homework :books:: Watch then go to the dollar store. https://youtu.be/iiqGzfK0k6Q

:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 5:18 PM
No matter what, please be realistic. I am anti-Communist and not anti-China, but today several large-sized videos of hospitals were sent, and I clarified the fact that they did block me. This so-called democratic trumpet really makes me sad.
:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 5:18 PM

Also since there is alcohol in liquor, there’s no shame to keep ample amounts at this time lol, just separate the stuff you drink with verses the stuff to disinfect.

#中共國 苏︍州一家单位昨天提前开工,确诊一例,全单位的人上了一天班,家都回不去了,200多人自带被子,全部隔离。:scream::scream::scream: # 中共 国 A unit in Suzhou started early yesterday, and a case was diagnosed. All the people in the unit went to work one day, and they could n’t go home. More than 200 people brought their own quilts and all were isolated. :scream::scream::scream:

#中共國 图1是HK 图2是江苏 对比起来,差距真的太大!!!被红匪文化荼毒的后果 # 中共 国 Figure 1 is HK Figure 2 is Jiangsu In contrast, the gap is really too big! !! !! Consequences of being poisoned by red bandit culture :arrow_up:this is a commentary that If you need disinfectant in HK you can find it, compared to the mainland where it’s being rationed and some are killing for it :arrow_up:

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