If only he would disappear like a miracle.

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If only he would disappear like a miracle.

He might know something…

So the Covid-19 autopsy study concluded that the biggest factor in death is irreversible pulmonary fibrosis, so even if you have an oxygen concentrator it won’t do any good…

Quercetin has been shown to attenuate this process. Quercetin can easily be bought as a supplement in many places.

Also, for the same reason, if anyone knows a good supplier of passion fruit peel extract, please post. Thank you.

Yes!! Thanks for the invite! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve noticed a lot of Quercitin supplements have Bromelain in them. Do you know more about this? Or what brand do you recommend? Also do you have the literature that explains why this works and when to administer it?

I posted the link where a pulmonologist goes over what they know re Quercetin. I would avoid Bromelain.

Why avoid bromelain?

No data that it’s helpful. Could not be.

I’ve had good luck with it dissolving fibrin in a tumor, so I was curious.

Bromelain interacts strongly with zinc though and the relationship between zinc and Quercetin is what makes Quercetin work. That is my understanding. Idk. Interested in more data-

Zinc inhibits Bromelain but if zinc is low Quercetin won’t have any effect. So it just muddies it all. As a separate treatment later for damaged lungs, may help re fibrosis, but Quercetin may help damage from happening in the first place…

Thanks! :pray:

Do you have a link to an article or something about this that I can share?

Just google search Bromelain Zinc it’s basic known interaction should show up