If I'm right, this near perfect "Chinese Propaganda" quadratic model will provide the world press and the WHO with the following numbers over the next few days:

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If I’m right, this near perfect “Chinese Propaganda” quadratic model will provide the world press and the WHO with the following numbers over the next few days:
• 05/02/2020 23435 cases 489 fatalities
• 06/02/2020 26885 cases 561 fatalities
• 07/02/2020 30576 cases 639 fatalities
• 08/02/2020 34506 cases 721 fatalities
• 09/02/2020 38675 cases 808 fatalities
• 10/02/2020 43084 cases 900 fatalities
• 11/02/2020 47733 cases 997 fatalities
Quite sad, considering all the commendations for transparency bestowed upon China by the WHO!

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Off by 3

Not off by 3

It’s far exceeded it

Right, that guy predicted the fake number

The WHO is in bed with China’s labs. The BSL-4 rating is issued by them. Since many suspect that 2019 nCov is a bioweapon or half-developed vaccine escaping from Wuhan’s BSL-4 lab, the WHO is part of the coverup. The WHO is nothing more than a front group for the whole pharma industry, whose goal is to sell vaccines and drugs

Fix it before the people overthrow you

If StarLink was up and running this would not be a problem

But we need to get the entire constellation up ASAP

Trust me if StarLink had been fully operational

They could not succeed in a media blackout

So far

Only 240 are up

60 per block/launch

Once StarLink is up borders will start to vanish

And no more Great Firewall

You’ll see

Mark my word

Elon will come out with a phone :iphone:

It will be bitcoin friendly too

Why don’t WE come out with a phone first lol

Maybe this group is how the first Citadel was started

My nephew told me some are building their own phones from parts

The chinese markets defs do that! Theyll have parts on parts and people who will just sit there and peice a phone together its neat

. Possible whistleblower. Anon picture proof is simplified Chinese. No way to confirm for sure, but interesting read…

I am a lab technician at Huoshenshan hospital in Wuhan.
The situation is so much worse than you know. Reported death of coronavirus are just those of sudden type, not pneumonic. Daily removes pneumonic patients to not return, whole sections of hospital 200 rooms each and not recorded. They are filled immediately with new pneumonic.
Please know we are trying but there is simply too much

Wish I could spend time in Shenzhen sans virii

That’s the timeline for SARS in 03’ we appear to be outpacing the # of deaths since inception …

On a lighter note … when a man loves a womennnn. Yours truly Mr. Bolton

As with most analysis, it comes down to the sources and quality of the data.

First thought brings me to economic data and lagging effect of most, so realistically, we probably already broke that 50 shy number from SARS outbreak …

a lot of economic is even revised years later, so makes you wonder how much higher it actually is …

For a country that welds the doors shut for entire apartment buildings… can we say fire hazard.

In China it’s considered a feature.

Starlink likely needs approval to broadcast its beams over jurisdictions. I doubt China would permit this.

Here’s the lowdown from someone who lives in California
I am a student at Cal State Long Beach, and the virus may or may not be here: everyone has respiratory illness and coughs can be heard everywhere, but the consensus is that it is just the regular flu, and no one is dying at the moment, so it could be either way (I want it to be Coronavirus because I’m sick and I’d like to go through it before hospitals are packed, but I know it may just be a happeningfag impulse and I could just have the flu.)
HOWEVER, there is a MAJOR flaw with how the campus is dealing with it. Because we are very liberal, people are constantly being warned not to discriminate against Chinese, lest the draconian college kick you out for racism. The result of this is that Chinese nationals walk through the halls with masks on and you can’t even avoid them without severe risk. So if the virus has arrived or does arrive, it will certainly not be contained, because the mere notion of telling a coughing Chinese girl who just came back from China to stay home is the sort of thing that could get you expelled. There actually was a Chinese girl with a mask just coughing in the middle of a hall last week and people stayed near her to show how not racist they were. It really is foolish how we are handling it: suspending classes for a few weeks would at least slow it, but since we still hold classes, even sick people show up to class, because if your classes are for a serious major you can’t miss them without your grades suffering tremendously.
inb4 commiefornian, mutt, ect. It is all true, and I know it already. I see the communism and the mutts. So point it out if ya want a giggle but know that you’re not telling me anything I don’t already see every day.

This is federal law…

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