Idiocracy permeates throughout our ENTIRE culture...

Idiocracy permeates throughout our ENTIRE culture…

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It’s because most Dr.s don’t care… They have their student loans to pay off so they just sit you down listen to your issues and prescribe drugs then bill your insurance. I have been telling people this for years.

I think we will all be fine

I would rather be prepared and hope we will be fine than to not be prepared and get screwed.

Definitely! However we still know so little about this virus, like why is it disproportionately affecting the elderly? Is it the virus or there underlying medical conditions that is killing them? We will not know until first world country’s start to build more data.

Prior, Proper, Planning, Prevents, Poor, Pitiful, Performance

All depends how strong your immunity is. A virus on a Strong immune can actually upgrade your DNA… While a virus on a weak immune can kill you, hence elderly it effects more.


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Dengue doesn’t spread person to person. The Uber driver situation was weeks ago.

For real. Cut that shit out.

Dengue spreads through mosquito bite through the blood. And yes. You are fucked if you get it twice.

Sorry there are rules in this group shroud d assholeness.

I feel peri is being more of an asshole… Trying to police smaller assholes.

Let it be…

No one else is saying anything

Oh wait she blocked me because she didn’t agree with a post i sent… Lmao

Some of this actually makes sense… tell me what you think.

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Although I believe even if you are healed/ symptom free you still carry that virus within you and can potentially infect more…

Kenneth do you mean as in re-infection?

I know was going to make a point that they released the guy in Washington state as healed

No… For an analogy…

I mean

How do I say this

Your body keeps records on how to fight different viruses and bacteria

Just like a computer Anti virus software

When a computer gets a virus and doesn’t have the correct upgrades for it it will crash

To many medical drugs given to supress the symptoms of the virus.

These are just pet theories. Doesn’t mean you are wrong, but it’s specualtion for sure

Which in turn killed his immunity