Identify each HD (Hyperdimensional)

Identify each HD (Hyperdimensional)

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• HD2-A (child)
• HD2-A (Theater Mngr)
• Raccoon (damn things are just mean)
• HD2 SA - moves objects shaking house
• HD2-SA - Loud sounds physical contact
• HD2-A (child) steal toys
• HD2-B - human soldiers (Black Hat) amusement park of terror

let me see

damn 30 minutes long

Number 4 is not a HD2A

It’s a 4

Identify each HD (Hyperdimensional) :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Identify each HD (Hyperdimensional) :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Theoretically, to one NOT “in the know”, does this potentially “open a door” of negativity, an “invitation” of sorts, like a weegie board?

Try it

I uploaded the Occult books

I do not encourage Red Wizadry

Yea, I dig.
I’m thinking of the anonymous nobody who comes across this on YT… if they’re unaware of what it’s all about.

Also Ouija boards are boring for them

Try getting one to play chess

(I knew my spelling was way off)

They all know chess :chess_pawn:

@AriesAzazel what caused the asteroid belt - Are the old Russians right ?

Translating at moment

Send more context

From the old Sumerian stories. What’s going on in the southern hemisphere is more important right now. I’m trying to figure how to model consequences for my part of the northern hemisphere. If i was above 42degrees N I’d be prepping for real harsh winter

Wizards say that it’s massively unreported

and to tell everyone to keep stocking up

good catch by the way

Ah, got it

Thank you

And I’m revising my statement. Anything 34degrees from equator or futher would cause me to prep for cold