I'd say we're on about #6

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Iโ€™d say weโ€™re on about #6

@policemanq welcome to the group. Adjust your settings. We can see your phone number. Follow the guide below


โ€“General Settings
Never use real name.
Never use real display pictures.
Leave username blank; having a username makes you easier to identify and find.
Nothing revealing in your bio.

โ€“Privacy Settings
Phone number -> Nobody
Last Seen & Online -> Nobody
Profile Photo -> Everybody (youโ€™ll look suss without it)
Forwarded Messages -> Nobody
Calls -> Nobody
Add to Groups -> Contacts

Set passcode.
Set two factor authentication password.

โ€“Additional Phone
Who can see it -> Nobody
Who can find me via it -> Contacts (not the best but itโ€™s the best telegram will allow)

โ€“Additional Call
Who can call -> Nobody
Peer to Peer -> Nobody

Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia amd Phillipine is at #6 as well

Canada and Australia are moving to Nr. 7 :grimacing: not sure where to put Israel

@policemanq ?

Sorry @policemanq Iโ€™m going to have to remove you from the group for opsec violation