i24NEWS - IDF to quarantine 200 Koreans in Jerusalem military facility over coronavirus fears


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At least Israel responded quickly


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Exclusive | In the past two months, there have been consecutive deaths in welfare homes near the South China Seafood Market

Wuhan Social Welfare Institute is only a few hundred meters from the South China Seafood Market. From December 2019 to February 2020, 19 people died intensively. Except for one person who died after a new crown was diagnosed, 6 elderly people who died of lung infection were not checked for the new crown There are many other deaths registered as septic shock, acute myocardial infarction, sudden death, and arrhythmia, but there are not a few who have fever symptoms …

damn… it’s probably a good time to invest in PPE gear manufacturers now.

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#乌克兰 民选总统与困在 #武汉 的乌克兰女模特儿视频通话
#乌克兰总统 向她保证,要把她和她的狗一并带回国

#Ukraine Elected President with a Ukrainian female model stuck in #Wuhan
Reason: CCP bans Ukrainian models from returning to China on behalf of dogs!
#Ukrainian President assured her that she would bring her home with her dog

Save the puppy :dog: