I wrote a rap

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I wrote a rap

I was thinking about how they leaked the virus out the lab/ cuz when I spit it’s like a virus out the lab/ spit you prob caught it in cab/ breathing in the Uber / the sickness is super dooper/ it’s the plague like tha bu bon/ coming out of Wuhan/ over 1 million dead don’t be listening to the fake news/ they us psychology to brake you / they piss in your shoe and tell you it’s raining / then bring the pain again/ trust anderson cooper is cia look it up he don’t play/ anyway/ if your praying to CNN your will probably never see again / commies beating people like they dogs and cats/ I seen them beat a dog with a bat / send them to the cages send me into rages / you woke the beast and I’m ready to feast / atleast I got started/ pull my cord I get to start shit / overdosing in reality / it’s dream of a fallacy / this actual happens B/ can’t you see the steams in the sky/ thinking my dreams will die/ I can’t say no/ I will never give up/ I was fierce since a pup now I’m a rugged dog with a big bite / don’t want to see me b/ bullshitting me like The CDC/ I’m pumping iron in a basement / they wonder where your face went / out in the woods I am pacing in a tent / unstoppable my spirit lives / this is why you hear me kids / Paul revere of this new era / b on my hat telling you the terror/ riding like a white night / this is not a black and white fight/ my insight sees a threat insight / forcing me to write /. Armed in this setting like its Armageddon/ you will not realize until
The harm has set in/ friends and family laugh at you / because you speak the truth / save who you can/ always have a plan/ never trust Uncle Sam / took my name and made a mockery / hickory dickey dockery/ it’s eerie like the lake / and make no mistake they want you to bake / ashes in the rake/ so heed these word I’m telling / before your lungs are swelling / it orwellian 1984/ so why do you really hate me for/ cuz I bring the truth up to your door/

Tape it with a dope beat


:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 6:04 PM

Instigated by the Central Propaganda Department, various insults against the United States on the social media of powerful nations alarmed the US Ambassador to China.

:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 6:04 PM


Funny how they looked the same when young

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So it is actually not Coronavirus we are dealing with? But a chemical agent that made people bleed out?

This is what I originally read that brought me to this group.

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