I won't buy unless it says, "kills coronavirus"

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I won’t buy unless it says, “kills coronavirus”

wow I thought buying bulk cranberry sauce from dollar general in January and selling it in November was profitable. I’m in the wrong business!

Eh maybe scratch the dallas thing. I shared it before I read it. The guy told the jail workers after he was arrested that he had coronavirus and needed to be tested.

中共是人类的公敌 :bangbang:

Americans wake up for 3 years‼ ️
The CCP’s mask finally retreated ️
Trade and technology battles are failing ️
Eventually kidnapping the world with a virus‼ ️
. . .
The CCP is the public enemy of mankind‼ ️

I love me some guo wengui and the gang but it’s a little hard for americans to follow, wished the website was nicer too

whoever does real vision finance on yt they do a pretty good job, kyle bass et al