i wonder where this guy is going?

i wonder where this guy is going?

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Wizard of the Day - Roscoe Hillenkoetter - #WIZARDOFTHEDAY. (MAJI-12)


Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter was the third director of the post–World War II United States Central Intelligence Group (CIG), the third Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), and the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency created by the National Security Act of 1947. He served as DCI and director of the CIG and the CIA from May 1, 1947, to October 7, 1950, and, after his retirement from the United States Navy, was a member of the board of governors of National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) from 1957 to 1962.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri on May 8, 1897, Hillenkoetter graduated from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, in 1919. He served with the Atlantic Fleet during World War I and joined the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1933. He served several tours in naval intelligence, including as assistant naval attaché to France, Spain, and Portugal. During the Spanish Civil War, he coordinated the evacuation of Americans from the country. After the German invasion of France, Hillenkoetter entered Vichy France and aided the underground movement. As executive officer of the USS West Virginia (BB-48), he was wounded during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and afterwards was officer in charge of intelligence on Chester W. Nimitz’s Pacific Fleet staff until 1943. He briefly served as commander of the destroyer tender USS Dixie before joining the Bureau of Naval Personnel in 1944.

After the war, then-Captain Hillenkoetter commanded the USS Missouri in 1946 before returning to his pre-war posting as naval attaché in Paris before becoming head of the Central Intelligence Group (CIG) in May 1947.

President Truman persuaded a reluctant Hillenkoetter, then a rear admiral, to become Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), and run the Central Intelligence Group (September 1947). Under the National Security Act of 1947 he was nominated and confirmed by the U.S. Senate as DCI, now in charge of the newly established Central Intelligence Agency (December 1947). At first, the U.S. State Department directed the new CIA’s covert operations component, and George F. Kennan chose Frank Wisner to be its director. Hillenkoetter expressed doubt that the same agency could be effective at both covert action and intelligence analysis.

As DCI, Hillenkoetter was periodically called to testify before Congress. One instance concerned the CIA’s first major Soviet intelligence failure, the failure to predict the Soviet atomic bomb test (August 29, 1949). In the weeks following the test, but prior to the CIA’s detection of it, Hillenkoetter released the September 20, 1949 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) stating, “the earliest possible date by which the USSR might be expected to produce an atomic bomb is mid-1950 and the most probable date is mid-1953.” Hillenkoetter was called before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (JCAE) to explain how the CIA not only failed to predict the test, but also how they did not even detect it after it occurred. JCAE members were steaming that the CIA could be taken by such surprise. Hillenkoetter imprecisely replied that the CIA knew it would take the Soviets approximately five years to build the bomb, but the CIA misjudged when they started: “We knew that they were working on it, and we started here, and this organization [CIA] was set up after the war and we started in the middle and we didn’t know when they had started and it had to be picked up from what we could get along there. That is what I say: this thing of getting a fact that you definitely have on the exploding of this bomb has helped us in going back and looking over what we had before, and it will help us in what we get in the future. But you picked up in the mid-air on the thing, and we didn’t know when they started, sir.”

The JCAE was not satisfied with Hillenkoetter’s answer, and his and the CIA’s reputation suffered among government heads in Washington, even though the press did not write about the CIA’s first Soviet intelligence failure.

The U.S. government had no intelligence warning of North Korea’s invasion (June 25, 1950) of South Korea. DCI Hillenkoetter convened an ad hoc group to prepare estimates of likely communist behavior on the Korean peninsula; it worked well enough that his successor institutionalized it.

Two days prior to North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, Hillenkoetter went before Congress (the House Foreign Affairs Committee) and testified that the CIA had good sources in Korea, implying that the CIA would be able to provide warning before any invasion. Following the invasion, the press suspected the administration was surprised by it, and wondered whether Hillenkoetter would be removed. The DCI was not influential with President Harry S. Truman, but Hillenkoetter insisted to the President that as the Director of Central Intelligence, it would be politically advantageous to testify before Congress to try to remedy the situation.

After the testimony, some Senators told the Washington Post that Hillenkoetter confused them when explaining the CIA did not predict when North Korea would invade by saying it was not the CIA’s job to analyze intelligence, just to pass it on to high-ranking policymakers. Even though most senators believed Hillenkoetter ably explained the CIA’s performance, many at the CIA were embarrassed by the news reports, and by mid-August the rumors of Hillenkoetter’s removal were confirmed when President Truman announced that General Walter Bedell “Beetle” Smith would replace him as DCI.

President Truman installed a new DCI in October. Nebraska Congressman Howard Buffett alleged that Hillenkoetter’s classified testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee “established American responsibility for the Korean outbreak,” and sought to have it declassified until his death in 1964.

Admiral Hillenkoetter returned to the fleet, commanding Cruiser Division 1 of the Cruiser-Destroyer Force, Pacific Fleet from October 1950 to August 1951 during the Korean War. He then commanded the Third Naval District with headquarters in New York City from July 1952 to August 1956 and was promoted to the rank of vice admiral on 9 April 1956.

His last assignment was as Inspector General of the Navy from 1 August 1956 until his retirement from the Navy on 1 May 1957.

The National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena was formed in 1956, with the organization’s corporate charter being approved October 24. Hillenkoetter was on NICAP’s board of governors from about 1957 until 1962. Donald E. Keyhoe, NICAP director and Hillenkoetter’s Naval Academy classmate, wrote that Hillenkoetter wanted public disclosure of UFO evidence. Perhaps Hillenkoetter’s best-known statement on the subject was in 1960 in a letter to Congress, as reported in The New York Times: “Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.”

Hillenkoetter lived in Weehawken, New Jersey, following his retirement from the Navy, until his death on June 18, 1982, at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Actor Leon Russom played him in an episode of Dark Skies, a 1996 conspiracy theory television series.

Hillenkoetter was awarded the Submarine Warfare insignia, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Legion of Merit
Bronze Star Medal, the Victory Medal, the Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal, the American Defense Service Medal with “FLEET” clasp, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with two battle stars, the World War II Victory Medal, the Navy Occupation Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Service Medal with two campaign stars, the United Nations Korea Medal, and the Officer of the Legion of Honor (France).




Done on Admiral Hillenkoetter. Let’s jump into Extra Credit.

We never tell the Presidents the truth right away, frankly most are never cleared and most will never know the truth of the extent of the projects in the Black World.

The first inauguration of Ronald Reagan as the 40th president of the United States was held on Tuesday, January 20, 1981.

his second inauguration date was January 21, 1985

On June 11th, 1985 the Wizards granted Ronal Reagan an audience

meaning they waited 4 years to see if he was trustworthy to see behind the veil.


Tuesday, June 11, 1985

Had a group of Dem. & Repub. Congressmen in the Roosevelt Room for a session on why they should support the bi-partisan bill before the house to give aid to the Nicaraguan freedom fighters. I think we did some good.
Lunch was with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such we could orbit 300 people.
Later in my office one of the guests Dr. Edward Teller reported on where we are on our Defense research for a way to halt Nuclear missiles. The bad news is that our Congressional advocates of lower defense spending are cutting our research funds at a critical moment that will be very hurtful to the program.
We have house guests, Nancys brother & wife, Betsy Bloomingdale & Maureen—a very pleasant dinner. They are all here for tomorrow nights State Dinner—P.M. Gandhi of India.

read it again

“Lunch was with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such we could orbit 300 people.”

One of the Top Space Scientist present at this meeting was :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Ben Rich, 2nd Director of Lockheed Skunkworks.

remember this was 1985, Lockheed Martin did not exist, they had yet to merge with Martin Marietta.

The spaceship they were describing in the Oval Office on June 11th, 1985

was the USSS Hillenkoetter

Official Date of Commission 1988.

So Imagine being President Reagan, being told about our Solar Warden fleet. Solomon Syndrome hit him so hard he even wrote about it in his Presidential Diary

Hopefully some of you are made of the right stuff to join the fleet.

You can die on Earth to be Divided and Conquered. Or you can impress the Non-Terrestrial Recruitment Officers (Legacy Space Force/ Solar Warden) enough that you’ve earned a spot and the honor of wearing Blue Coveralls.

class dismissed.

Short version: when Solomon was exposed to infinite knowledge, his brain melted.

If you get exposed to new information slowly, no melty brains.

(And as many of you saw in my lesson about it, there was an additional relevant side note: “When your experience is destroyed, your behavior becomes destructive.” You have to experience learning for it to stick and become applicable. If you do not, you have no context for what you’ve learned by rote. And without context, your choices are ill-informed and they have the potential to become destructive. We want to operate from a place of creativity, not destruction. So we want you to be autodidacts and fully experience your learning.)

Think about whenever you see a newly inaugurated president walk out of their first briefing. Without fail, they look like deer in headlights. White as a ghost. The looks on their faces - shock, awe, disbelief, reconciling discrepancy - that’s Solomon syndrome.

So, we try to pace out what we tell you guys and how quickly so you don’t get like that. Sometimes it happens anyway - and if any of you are feeling like that, please reach out to an admin you trust to talk privately. Everyone goes through it. Like @AriesAzazel said in Main the other night, we’d rather act as counselors to all of you to get you prepared than have you lose your shit once things escalate and Open Eyes happens.

A little further into that - from what I’ve noticed over time, if you grew up with a more stringent set of beliefs it is exponentially more difficult to internalize the discrepancies and adjust.

So if that’s the case for any of you, I’d like you to be self-aware of that, pace yourselves, practice self-care, and take the time you need to adjust. Mindset is everything. The goal is to help ease you into the transition so you are capable of thriving when Open Eyes occurs.

No melty brains. You all have an open invitation to message me or another admin you trust if you feel like your brains are melting. Our conversations will be confidential and we will try our best to help you through it.

If any of you are going through Solomon syndrome NOW, rest assured you are ahead of the game. Better to get it out of the way while the whole rest of the world isn’t going through it at the same time you are. And better to have people you can discuss it with than to have to go it alone. We’re here. Reach out if you need us.

Thanks for getting further into this, @AriesAzazel. It’s extremely important. :pray:t2::purple_heart:

As for Solomon Syndrome, the public has seen Hard Disclosure it on 2 occasions

Raiders of the Lost Ark (9/10) Movie CLIP - Face Melting Power (1981) HD.

Indiana Jones Crystal Skulls (10/10) Movie CLIP - I Want to Know (2008) HD

These are both Symbolic refrences to Solomon Syndrome. Of what happens to normies after being initiated (Red Pilled)

Thank you @miette057

I’m sure many of you can relate to this if you think about how President Reagan might have felt, living in the world, thinking that you know what’s true, and then suddenly being faced with the presentation of an entirely different truth that you would then need to reconcile. This is a difficult process, especially to go through all at once and not over time in stages. If you go through it in baby steps, you have time to assimilate the new information into your world view without feeling like reality has dropped out from under you. So you can understand from this why there has been a disclosure drip campaign running through various types of media. No one wants to expose you to this all at once because they’re concerned about your ability to reconcile this - they don’t want the world to go through a simultaneous nervous breakdown. So, just take this into account - pace yourselves and check in with how you feel. Like I said, mindset is the most important thing. Ultimately, it’s the strength of your mind that affords you with the ability not just to survive the change but to thrive in a new world. Take the time you have now to sort it out while you have the luxury. If you wait and you deal with it at the same time as everyone else, it’s not going to be pretty. If you do it now, you’ll be in a better position to help your loved ones through it later.

Anytime! Happy to help! :pray:t2::purple_heart:

It’s all making sense and coming together :heart_eyes:

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C130 Hercules just flew over my house…that was sick

Invisible war continues

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Anytime! :pray:t2::purple_heart: