I’ve seen this movie

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I’ve seen this movie

#資訊 武汉肺炎:汉阳数个小区再爆大规模感染


信息 Wuhan pneumonia: a large-scale infection in Hanyang several districts

The outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, China is severe. However, the Communist Party of China media reported that the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has eased, 11 square cabin hospitals have been suspended, and even new cases have been cleared. However, a local doctor ’s family broke the news on March 9 that there were several communities in Hanyang. Massive outbreaks again.


Xi Jinping went to the staff sanatorium, which is separated from the wall of Vulcan Mountain Hospital, and did not enter Vulcan Mountain Hospital.
Staff Sanatorium Conference Center



中共 国

Wanpin Auto Parts City, Zhongxin Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou,
What happened when it was closed again without notice? ? ?

#中共國 今天的重庆医院,可见疫情的严重。 :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

中共 国 Today’s Chongqing Hospital shows that the epidemic is serious. ! :bangbang: :bangbang:

Harvard University is moving to virtual classes for the rest of the school year because of the novel coronavirus outbreak and students have five days to move out of their dorms

Lol :joy: little boy escapes Quarantine to go for a night ride in his tricycle

Spotters opposite Central Hospital Branch

#新冠病毒开始入侵脑部# ?#日本出现新冠病毒侵入脑部病例#:男子髓液检测出病毒】近日,一名居住在日本山梨县的20多岁男性昏倒在家并送医院抢救,但两次新冠病毒检测结果均为阴性。由于这名青年颈部僵硬,医院怀疑其感染了髓膜炎,提取了髓液进行检测,结果在髓液中检测出了新冠病毒。山梨大学校长称,这说明病毒不仅侵入肺部,也开始侵入脑部。

[# 新 冠 病毒 开始 袭 脑部 #? #Japan appeared new crown virus invading the brain case #: The virus was detected in the men’s medullary fluid] Recently, a 20-year-old male living in Yamanashi, Japan passed out at home and was sent to the hospital for rescue, but the results of the two new crown virus tests were negative. Due to the stiff neck of the young man, the hospital suspected that he had been infected with meningitis, and the medullary fluid was extracted for testing. As a result, the new coronavirus was detected in the medullary fluid. The president of Yamanashi University said that this shows that the virus has not only invaded the lungs but also the brain.

被隔離的大公主號遊輪上的第一批乘客於週一下午下船了班輪,看到一名男子被放在擔架上。 這艘載有3,500名乘客和船員的遊輪在被困在加利福尼亞海岸外的冰山一角後,於週一降落在奧克蘭港。 週一早晨,該船上至少有21人感染了冠狀病毒,該病毒在金門大橋下進入,然後在當地時間中午後不久在奧克蘭停靠。 大公主在港口停靠時,2,421名乘客歡呼雀躍,醫務人員和身著危險品套裝的官員正等著他們。
The first passengers on the isolated Grand Princess cruise ship disembarked the liner on Monday afternoon and saw a man placed on a stretcher. The cruise ship carrying 3,500 passengers and crew landed in Port Oakland on Monday after being trapped in the tip of an iceberg off the California coast. On Monday morning, at least 21 people on the ship were infected with the coronavirus, which entered under the Golden Gate Bridge and then docked in Auckland shortly after noon local time. When the princess docked at the port, 2,421 passengers cheered and paramedics and officials in dangerous goods suits were waiting for them.

I knew it

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Little man rode for five kilometers but doesn’t know his own name😅 they finally escorted him back to his home.

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You can’t keep little man cooped up in Quarantine

Tinfoil hat on

Not my theory and can’t confirm anything in this theory

Obviously the NYT did not say that directly, but it is quite freaking obvious.

And evidently the “problem with the wastewater treatment facility” made it possible to get the Coronavirus out, where it subsequently proceeded from the U.S. to infect the globe. This outbreak did not start in China, it started in the U.S. and got buried in the flu stats.
Here’s the logic path:

  1. They TOTALLY shut the facility down on August 5th, 2019. At that point, getting viral strains out of there would have probably been impossible, it was done before that, likely in June or July.
  2. The United States is the only country that has all 5 strains of this virus, which proves it originated in the United States and people spread it from the United States.
  3. Since “failure to follow procedure” and the waste disposal system were cited as the reason for the PERMANENT shut down, (which is obviously not a reason for a permanent shut down) it is quite evident someone was smuggling viral weapons out of the facility, possibly via the wastewater system… They knew they had a staff that could not be trusted, so rather than run a known compromised biolab they shut it down, after all, you can fix a disposal system but it is nearly impossible to root out a mole.
    Having Taiwan reveal that it had to have originated in the United States, and having Taiwan prove it was already symptomatic in an American by early September fits the time line of a June/July release which got discovered and triggered a shut down in early August.
    The only thing that is not known is whether or not a few vials of the fresh stuff were flown to China to be released in Wuhan, as a frameup for that lab. I’d say the chances are quite good that’s the story.

Anyone seeing the conspiracy going around about tomorrow being the 888th day since Trump said he would be the calm before the storm? Tomorrow is 3/11 and people wondering if he’s up to something? Like maybe his 9/11?

Oh god no conspiracies

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