I’ve been working in Bitcoin/Blockchain development for over 10 years, with many ties to the mainland.

I’ve been working in Bitcoin/Blockchain development for over 10 years, with many ties to the mainland. As well as a contributor to 2 Chinese news feeds. The TENCENT numbers that were leaked were just a glimpse into the horror of what was going on. While the public speculated it was under 500, we came to the realization that it was not 25,000 dead but that TENCENT leak was merely one city/province. Since the true numbers are kept decentralized by the CCP. We had one source who reported in 2x once at 400,000 then again at 411,000 after going dark and not wanting to risk their lives. A week later a leak by a crematorium operator/plague doctor stated it was 250,000 x 2 you can scroll up To see the timeline. Right now I estimate we are between 800k to 850k deaths/cremations. Join my channel if you want to be kept up to date with Coronavirus news. We have the largest collection of Coronavirus videos in the world. I’m also the producer of Corona-unMasked 1 & 2

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yeah for sure about 1 million

1 million deaths :astonished:?

yes not even a shock to me i have now this for a week or so 3 weeks it was 400,000 its prob more than 1 mil


Sadly looking at the time and it’s Sunday I agree

But now the question is do we do Global total

Please for the love of god stop :stop_sign: posting this fictional Reddit NoSleep article

Its fake?

Good to know


Do you have more information about the deaths?

Scroll up

Also watch the documentaries, which have the same name as that article because the bastard stole the title as part one of our documentary was starting to go viral

I saw this vídeo and shared here in brazil, thanks for created The vídeo

Thank you for sharing the video in Brazil

Have you seen part 2?

Not yet, Will check now

Here. CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2

We freely release all sources as “CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2”, the story and ongoing investigation of the largest pandemic in 100 years. As staggering under-reported death tolls and political tensions rise, USA opens 15 quarantine centers on Air Force bases around the country. Mainstream papers such as The Guardian admit COVID-19 could infect up to 60% of the population, killing tens of millions. Scientists in China and HK suspect the virus could have originated as a bio-weapon, leaked either accidentally or on purpose. The World Health Organization is accused of corruption and of deceiving public health officials.

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Clinical characteristics and intrauterine vertical transmission potential of COVID-19 infection in nine pregnant women: a retrospective review of medical records

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