i think it’s pretty clear when 34 year old healthy dr dies mortality much higher than 2 percent.

i think it’s pretty clear when 34 year old healthy dr dies mortality much higher than 2 percent. had long talk with very well experience nyc dr today on this who said that while he never believes conspiracy theories he thinks based on evidence and chinese gov aggressive action that fair possibility it has bio weapon potential. not sure why nyc and other areas not being more aggressive. also concerning new report that unlike many viruses, it appears having it and recovering does not provide go forward immunity. source.


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This is like the disease of the fucking zombie apocalypse

Hi guys , didn’t read much here since I have 6 month old son , they keeps me super busy … but will add my 5 cents :laughing:

So we went to see our Chinese friends here in Montreal (we went together to China last October )

He has family in China , very close to Wuhan . Everybody in the city including his dad and other family members stay home, everything is closed there , they got food and water and are trapped at home

He mentioned that the virus most likely is from bats and showed us a video of a girl eating a bat . He said it’s a very expensive dish in there , and people eat it to show off , it costs a couple of thousands

Apparently this is a theory coming from China :woman_shrugging:t2:

If it was bats instead of a lab :test_tube:

You would not have officers from MSS walking around with automatic weapons

I agree

Just sharing what Chinese are saying

So then either those weren’t MSS or its not a bat

I would like to hope its not MSS

Let’s be positive and hope it’s a bat :joy:


But the video was absolutely disgusting :face_vomiting:

Have read it most likely came from bats. However, how do we really know what to believe for certain.

Yes very disgusting video of that bat soup

It wasn’t a soup , just a full size bat that she ripped apart

Sadly we wont really know for certain unless China is truthful about the situation

Honestly the best information we have can come from videos snd first hand accounts inside of China

Ughh. I seen a couple different ones. They are all pretty disgusting to me. But I’m not a bat eater.

There is an old movie in Netflix

Yes definitely. Too much BS and untruth out there so I prefer good sources.


I know that movie

I couldn’t find it on Netflix. Maybe it’s gone now. I’m gonna look again.

I watched it before we got that situation lol

Maybe they removed it