i think i saw a similar chart here before..

i think i saw a similar chart here before…

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Do you have a spreadsheet of covid 19 infections in Wuhan since the outbreak

sorry i don’t have it

Aries @tatsuikeda

The news here said the spread is going to be inevitable. Fml

“not if, but when”

Remember kids, it’s cheaper to feed your neighbor than to shoot them.

Aries i heard russia shot down a turkish jet

Hahaha… Hey with this new bail reform here I’ll be out the same day if i did shoot them. :laughing:

It’s important to get one since the outbreak

To compare its spreading with SKR and ITA

World dead

Also with IRN

Kick him out Aries

hope this helps

Historical data for international cases:

Historical data for China:

Good luck amigo

Guys…order! No offending people or the group!! :scream:

This is a great group

Thanks. First days are not robust. What’s more Left censoring is a problem.

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